Design and Build

If you want a home designed and built to your own personal requirements and exact standards, our Design and Build option is ideal for you. We’ll design a home specified to your site’s contours, optimising space and orientation to capture the sunlight and views. Style your home to suit your preferences; classic, modern, brick, weatherboard or something unique – we can provide exactly what you want, right down to the light fittings and kitchen benchtop. Our Design and Build option is not necessarily more expensive than using a standard plan – simply talk to one of our new home consultants about your budget.

  • Brick Homes

    Timeless designs, traditional style or with a modern twist. Low maintenance leaving your weekends free to enjoy the best of Northland’s fabulous outdoor lifestyle. [more]

  • Architectural Homes

    Our qualified Architectural Designers will to create a home that is designed to suit your every need, or we are happy to work with an Architect of your choice. [more]

  • Lifestyle Block

    When section size is not an issue we can design a home to make the most of your views and available space. [more]

  • Retirement Homes

    Warm, low maintenance and worry free homes for your golden years. [more]

  • Urban Homes

    We’ll design an edgy, modern home or a more traditional approach for your smaller inner city section. [more]

  • Coastal Homes

    We will design the perfect stylish, practical and comfortable holiday home for luxurious summer escapes. [more]