Future Proof Building

Homeworld embraces the principles of Future Proof Building, guiding our customers to make smart choices by understanding the 8 Smart Principles of Future-Proof Building.

  • Smart and Secure

    Smart home security and automation help Future-Proof your home and improve your quality of life. From state-of-the-art entertainment throughout your home to remote garage door openers to fully integrated, centrally [more]

  • Quality

    Future-Proof homes are built from quality materials, correctly installed by professionals. Products and materials used for key components of the home should meet NZ Standards, carry BRANZ appraisals, or International [more]

  • Health and Safety

    Creating a healthy and safe home is critical to your wellbeing. [more]

  • Energy Smart

    Houses are designed to allow natural airflow through the interior keeping them cool and comfortable during summer. [more]

  • Sound Control

    From traffic to home entertainment systems, noise pollution is a common problem in homes. Smart design, product selection and acoustic solutions reduce both internal and external noise. [more]

  • Life Cycle

    Selecting quality products with a longer life cycle will be more cost effective in the long term. [more]

  • Spatial Design

    Good design will ensure that your home caters for your life today, and will meet your changing needs into the future. [more]

  • Sustainability

    A key goal of Future-Proof Building is to minimise our impact on the earth. [more]