Our Building Process

Homeworld makes the home building process easy; in fact, our clients are often surprised at just how stress-free it is. Read on to learn more about the designing, planning and building process.

The Design and Planning Process

1. Your First Meeting With Us

Your home design and build journey begins with a consultation with us. When you come in to talk with our helpful Home Consultants, bring along your wishlist and we will guide you to find the right type of home to suit your needs. We will establish what your budget is, and tailor a design to suit this.

2. Site Visit

Whether it’s a section you already own, or one you are considering buying, our home consultants will be happy to carry out a free site visit to make sure your concepts would work on your site. Homeworld are also property developers, so we may have a home and land package which could suit your requirements without having to search for a site.

3. Designing Your New Home

Our in-house Architectural Designers will design a home exactly to your specifications, or you may wish for us to tailor one from the standard plan range, to your requirements.

4. Plan and Fixed Price Contract Presentation

We will present you with a comprehensive floor plan, images of how your new home will look, and elevations from different angles. Our plans and specifications are extremely detailed, and our costings are worked to a very fine detail. You will be provided with full details of specifications, products and fixtures used in your home, so you know exactly what you’re getting. The contract price you are provided with is a Fixed Price.

If you wish to have your lawyer or bank consultant go over your contract, your Home Consultant will be more than happy to talk through any questions that you, or your advisors may have.

5. Organising Building Consents and Permits

Once the contract is signed, Homeworld will organise the relevant permits and consents required. You won’t need to do any of this yourself – we’ll save you the time and hassle by taking care of it for you.

6. Colour Consultancy/Interior Style

While the permits are being approved, it is a good time to meet with our complementary interior design consultant to talk through all those important decisions involving the look and feel of the interior and exterior of your new home.

7. Consents are Granted and House Building Begins

As soon as consents come through, we’ll have your materials, products and building team ready to begin your new home build.

Framing begins on another Homeworld home

The Homeworld Building Process

  • Step 1: Site visit and pegging out the foundations.
  • Step 2: Excavations begin.
  • Step 3: The foundations are laid.
  • Step 4: Framing commences.
  • Step 5: The roof is installed.
  • Step 6: We close in the exterior walls.
  • Step 7: Lining and interior finishing completed.
  • Step 8: Final touches such as kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, carpets and cabinetry are completed.
  • Step 9: Site works including drainage, concrete and landscaping are completed.
  • Step 10: Handover – congratulations, your new home is ready to be lived in!