“We found the process very stress-free”

Perch072ed on top of a hill with a stunning rural outlook, sits this spectacular new home.  This is the type of house that makes you ‘rubber-neck’ when you drive past to get a second look.  The high feature Gables give it a strong stately manor look and to say that its owners are proud, is an understatement.  You can just tell they love it!!

When Reece & Jade decided to build, they went with their gut instincts.

“We looked around at a number of building firms to start with,  but felt the most comfortable with Homeworld.   We knew  a couple of the staff there who took us under their wing and guided us throughout the whole process.  We felt very comfortable with them right from the start.  Everyone had warned us that building a new home would be a very stressful experience, yet we found the whole process very stress-free.”

A hold up at the council end processing the Building Consent, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Reece and Jade turned a negative into a positive and decided to make the most of the delay.

“Due to the delay in the consent, we had extra time to analyse and make changes to our plan before the building process started.  We look back now  and we’re thankful to the extra time we had to make these last minute changes.  Our designer Mark Russell, was exceptional and couldn’t help us enough.  He offered us loads of valuable advice which we took on board.  We are super proud of our new house and the fact that Homeworld built it.  Everyone that comes to visit only has positive things to say about it, especially the large open plan Living Area. “

The home has been custom designed for the site, and the layout just works so well.  A large open plan Kitchen, Dining and Lounge  faces north  to soak up the sun with large Bi-Fold Doors opening onto the west side of the house for privacy under a large  Portico Roof.

This is the perfect example of a house that ‘is designed for the site’ rather than just a floor plan plucked from a range of standard plans.  The result is a perfect match.

Reece and Jade, Whangarei