Why is now the Best Time to Build?

You’ve heard much talk over the last few months about now being the “Best Time to Build”, and you may have a few questions about this. Just what makes it better than any other time?

* The lowest interest rates in many years.

ASB current Home Loan Rates

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* Section/Land prices are often very negotiable  – many developers have pressure on them to sell their sections at much lower prices than previously advertised.

* Reputable Building Companies, such as Homeworld, offer competitive FIXED PRICE CONTRACTS, so you can be sure you are getting the very best price for a quality new Home.

* There is also the consideration of building vs buying an older home. Whilst buying may seem the cheaper option, in reality it often ends up being much more expensive.

– Older homes often require a complete refurbish to get the look and feel that you want in your home.  With a new home you are in charge of the style, colour scheme and fittings before the first excavations start.

– Insulation may be lacking or insufficient, resulting in older homes often being colder and damp, requiring much higher heating bills.  New homes are fully insulated and designed to be more energy efficient.

– You can also be assured that strict regulations regarding water tightness now mean that any new home won’t have any issues with being a “leaky home”.

Our Home Consultants are happy to talk to you about your plans, and can guide you through the process. You can see for yourself just how easy, and affordable, it can be.