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Locally owned and operated since 1980

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Locally owned and operated since 1980

The Homeworld Team

The Homeworld team is dedicated to offering quality New Zealand homes designed and built to your requirements. Our competitive prices and exceptional designs ensure that your new home will be a worthwhile investment, maintaining the same level or quality, comfort and aesthetic appeal for many years to come.


Our dedicated and knowledgeable construction team are experienced builders and construction specialists who manage the project for you. They organise the contractors, permits and consents, you don’t have to worry about doing any of that yourself. They have many years experience in the building industry between them, with a large majority of those being with Homeworld. You can’t beat that kind of expertise!


We have a team of Architectural Designers on site, and our helpful and experienced Home Consultants will guide you through all steps of the building process. So if you are considering building a new home, get in touch with us today to help make your dream a reality.