4 Big Steps in Selecting a Homebuilder in Whangarei

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Building a new custom home can be a complicated journey for a variety of reasons, but a reputable home builder in Whangarei can help you through the entire construction process. 

Choosing a custom home construction company is an important decision, and you want to ensure that the design-build firm has prior expertise building the style of home you desire. That said, there are many home builders on the market, so you need to narrow it down to the best one (we believe it is us here at Homeworld, but encourage any prospective clients to do their own research and homework!)

Here are 4 steps you can take in selecting the ideal custom Whangarei home builder:

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Experience matters - Ask about past work.

Pay attention to their construction history and background. Approximately how long has the firm been in operation and how long has the company's founders been constructing houses? It's critical to work with a seasoned professional when hiring a custom home builder in Whangarei. Don't be scared to poke around in their past to see what they've done. This is part of your due diligence as a homeowner.


Ask the experts for help!

People in the area where you wish to build your home might give valuable information about the builder you plan to choose. Don't skimp on the vetting stage. Your first port of call should be local professionals in the field such as local real estate agents and quality inspectors as well as mortgage lenders and building construction supply companies. They each have a valuable perspective on the local homebuilders, which they may share freely. Ask them who they think are the best custom home builders in the area and why they think that way. Observe if there are any common complaints or praises. Do weigh compliments over the critiques about the builders work as part of your research. Make sure you go to the Master Builders website and ensure they are registered and have a good track record. There are many reasons you should choose a master builder!


Pay their Show Homes a Visit

Take a day trip around Whangarei and visit their show homes and, if feasible, their under construction homes after you've completed the previous procedures and made a shortlist of builders. Pay attention to the craftsmanship, the level of detail, and quality of materials used in their homes. This says a lot about the kind of custom home you will have. Just remember to look beyond colours in peoples chosen homes as materials, colours and fittings will have been chosen by the client!


Find out if they have the proper licenses and insurance.

How should a NZ builder be certified? What are the requirements for a New Zealand builder to be licensed? For each contract specialist they engage, health and safety certifications take the lead, followed by insurance and occupational certifications. Determine whether or not your builder is licensed and qualified to practice. Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs), should provide some invaluable information. Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs) are building professionals who have passed a competency evaluation and are able to perform building work that is critical to the integrity of residential structures. Obtain proof from the builder that they have the proper insurance to protect his company, his employees, and you in the event of a loss or accident during the construction process.

Custom home builders with decades of experience are the ideal choice for building your dream home. And as leading reputable home construction firm in Whangarei, we fit the bill! We have over 40 years of experience, and are family owned – no franchises here!

When it comes to designing and building our ideal home, we’re all searching for something a little bit different. It is critical that you choose a custom homebuilder who can accommodate your demands as well as your budget. 

Try us out at Homeworld because we’ve been designing and building unique homes in Whangarei for over 40 years. The sooner you get in touch with us, the better. Contact us right now at 0800 86 89 86.


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