4 Qualities of a Reliable Whangarei Custom Homebuilder

Saving up for a home, here in Whangarei – gateway to the winterless North takes time. When you finally have the resources to build a home that you can call your own, which path will you take?

You have two choices – either buy an already-built house, or build one from the ground up customised to your needs and budget.

Obviously, buying an existing ready-to-move in house is the convenient choice. But not always the best option. Sometimes it can come with a long history or its own set of problems.

If you choose to build your dream home, then the challenge here is whether you’re up for the construction journey as this can require a good chunk of your time and energy. (Don’t worry we will explain how life is easy when building with Homeworld).

So, if you buy an existing property the best guarantee you can get is a builders report to help mitigate risk. Pre built, pre loved, pre-damaged, pre everything. But let us say you find a solid home, the biggest limitation to an existing home will always be that its been customised to someone elses requirements.

These could be the requirements of the builder or developer who built with the sole intention of selling on. Perhaps the existing owner had it built but for their specific wants and needs and to their tastes. No matter what you do, when buying an existing home – it’ll never quite be 100% YOU.

So, building new here in Whangarei. What are the risks, options and benefits:

Building a brand new home requires the right builder for the job

After all, it is your home and your greatest financial investment at the same time. You would surely want your home to be built by the best possible home builders around Whangarei.

As you look for the right one, here are some qualities you should look for in a Whangarei home builder so you can properly decide if they are the best people for your new home project:


A history of high-standard builds.

When you work with a home builder, digging into their past is well-worth the research. Just how long has the builder been into creating custom homes in your area? It's not just the length of experience that is important, but the number of houses still standing. If they built it sturdy, then the builder really knows what it takes to push a project beyond planning and construction up until the completion finish line.

Aside from that, experienced builders also understand and respect that their client’s input is integral to the success of the home project. It is unequivocally your dream home and your ideas about the look and feel of the home should be considered in the build process.


Has relevant and updated knowledge of NZ building regulations.

Compliance is paramount to any build. You want your home to meet the expected standards of the NZ building code. It can be frustrating if the builder is so unfamiliar with the process and the level of documentation that entails getting Council approval.

Fact is, you can't build without a permit. Avoid this expensive mistake by hiring a home builder in Whangarei that is very knowledgeable about permit applications and build limitations based on your neighbourhood and the kind of land you have.


They are duly licensed and insured.

Licensed home builders have the proper documentation, license, certificates, and insurance policies that are aligned with building regulations requirements. This assures the builder is qualified for the job. Worksite accidents, injuries, or property damage can happen during construction, but when a builder has a guarantee or insurance coverage, you can feel confident about the course of the build and worry not about liabilities.


Strong portfolio of clients with available references.

One good way to give you a glimpse of the quality of the builder is to visit the homes and structures that he has built in the past. But also, it wouldn’t hurt if you can also interview the owners of the builder’s past projects.

You may want to ask the builder for some of his recent references and talk to them for you to have an idea of the performance of the builder. There are many Whangarei home builders who would be happy with such a request. But if the builder outright refuses to give references, then it is already a red flag, as it may mean that their clients weren’t that satisfied with their work, and you might uncover a trail of unhappy clients in the process.

To note, if a builder is confident about his past works, then he will be more than happy to share. When you get a hold of one of their past clients, don't hesitate to ask them the following questions:

Think about it, if it took you a long time to save money for a house, it wouldn’t take a little more effort to find a builder with a good track record and the best build quality.

Entrust your build project in the hands of a professional home builder in Whangarei. Homeworld has the expert knowledge and years of experience to create your custom build home to your liking. Call us at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86 today or just fill in our contact form on our website, and we’ll send you a quick message right after.


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