4 Reasons to include a Scullery in your Home Design and Build

In Whangarei, the kitchen is always the heart of the home; this is where most home activities are centered. Whether you’re cooking or just chilling about with friends and family, the kitchen nowadays always takes centre stage.

If you’re building a new custom home in Northland, it would be a delight to think long and hard about the layout of your kitchen. How can you make it a more versatile and enjoyable space for everyone.

Initially, most homeowners design their kitchens to be a well-polished statement piece, starting with the cupboards, right down to the gleaming counters. Of course, everyone wants their kitchen to look impressive whilst remaining functional.

As with most kitchens, Whangarei homeowners view it as not just a place to cook, but also a spot to entertain guests while hoping it stays immaculately clean all the time. But there’s a way to actually have a bit of both in your kitchen, you can set out a space where you’re free to make a mess, cook, and prepare ingredients. All without having to worry about cleaning up as you go.  Enter stage left; a scullery area.


What is a Scullery?

A scullery is not as superfluous as it sounds; it’s that perfect addition that you can incorporate in the layout of your kitchen during your custom home planning.

Just a few steps out of sight, a scullery is the hidden part where most of the kitchen action happens.

Moreover, a scullery also serves as a pantry, meal prep area, even as laundry area with extra shelving and storage space. It’s a versatile place where you can store and use all your bulky kitchen appliances from juicers, mixers, toasters, slow cookers, and air fryers. Plus it’s that secret spot where you can hide dirty dishes and used baking pans in the sink, while you serve up a big meal in your main kitchen area. The big payoff here is that your pristine frontline kitchen is kept clean and clutter-free.

Benefits of a Scullery

Who doesn’t want a classic kitchen scullery? It’s a perfect add-on to a custom home, and having one has many advantages:

number 1

Appliance inclusions

You can make space for a freezer, double fridge, baking oven, wine storage racks, the list is endless.


Secondary sinks

There is enough room for multiple and large size food-prep sinks.


More counter space

This is useful during parties, catering days, and holiday food preparations where food is needed to be kept warm or evenly cooled down at room temperature.


Bigger cupboards and drawers

Great storage options for expensive cutlery, utensils, baking stuff, and non-food items.

Dream it and we Design & Build it!

If you need a special and unique scullery built into your custom home design, feel free to turn to Homeworld- Northland’s leading Design and Build experts, with over 40-years of industry experience under our belt.

We can get things going on how your kitchen should be partitioned or maximised effortlessly to suit your needs. Your custom home is your dream home, and we understand your need for a scullery as an extension of your kitchen space.

As registered NZ Master Builders, we’re always ready to take on a design build challenge. Consult with us today via phone at 0800 86 89 86 or send an enquiry through website’s contact form, and we’ll get back right to you!


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