4 Big Benefits of Design-Build Construction for First Time Homeowners

These days, buying an older house or a pre-built home off the market can be a huge gamble. If you look beyond the fresh paint job and live in these homes the first few months, you’d discover they often come with a lot of problems and unforeseen repair costs. When hearing of these nightmare purchases, it’s quite understandable for first time homeowners to go all in and invest in a new custom-build home.

Though this may kick start your plans of owning a custom home. The reality is, you should brace yourself for this long journey as it can get both exciting and stressful for first time homeowners, if they chose the wrong building partner. But the fulfillment in the end, when you finally walk into your own custom-build house is well worth it.

So how to you move your dream home project forward? Get help from experts who can give you a clear picture of what you’re up for when you go for a house through the design-build construction process.

Being new to the requirements of a custom build, it can be quite easy to stumble into issues and even make rush decisions. Here at Homeworld, we offer first-time buyers 4 sound tips as they take on the challenge of the design-build construction of their dream home.

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Control build costs efficiently.

A custom build home is a serious financial commitment. It is essential early on the planning phase that you think about how much you can afford plus future costs. When you have a seasoned home builder on board, they bring with them their expert project cost management skills to competently handle the budget and the ongoing challenges of your custom build. This means minimising expenses where possible without sacrificing time and quality.

Without proper monitoring, it is so easy to go over-budget or blow over financially in certain phases of the build. A professional Whangarei custom design-builder can pinpoint areas where you tend to overspend, they can adjust the budget accordingly and help you steer away from unnecessary financial risks.


Custom home design that's both contemporary and comfortable.

The way your space, material, texture and colours blend together are the defining characteristics of your custom home. Going for design-build construction means you have the freedom to explore a variety of styles to create those beautiful interiors and elegant spaces that make up today's contemporary home. Think about it, a well designed custom build home is a house you want to come home to everyday.


Eco-friendly and Sustainable.

Besides giving your home a universal appeal, the design-build approach can help reduce your carbon footprint by giving you energy-efficient and sustainable options. The building materials used can help cool your home and lower your utility bills. These factors definitely make your custom build home a comfortable place to live in.


Lower maintenance costs.

When you start new and custom-built you save big on maintenance costs. When you know your custom home is built by skilled professionals using the best high quality materials available, these last longer so you save on maintenance repair fees over time.

Whangarei Design-Build Construction: Get to Know Us

Are you a first-time homeowner looking into building your custom home in Whangarei?

When it comes to design-build construction in Whangarei, turn to the custom-build pioneer and registered Master Builder – that’s Homeworld. We have so much to offer in terms of design, construction efficiency and home durability.

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