5 Reasons To Buy A Homeworld New Build Home In Whangarei

Purchasing a brand new home is your big-ticket to a living contemporary lifestyle focused around you.

Home construction has advanced, but it’s not just about having modern conveniences; but rather knowing you live in a home that’s safe, earthquake-proof, and built to last. Even more importantly the home is built around you, and your needs not someone else’s.

5 Major Benefits When You Buy A New Build Home:

number 1

You are the first owner.

Newly-constructed simply means the home is brand new. You get to decide on the interior design, the furniture choices and the splashes of colour on the walls. But more importantly, you get to decide on the flow, the location of the rooms, and the location of appliances. The home is yours. It costs less to address changes during the construction of a brand new home, whether adding a room or extending a hallway is a breeze. Compare that to buying an older home and undertaking major renovations.

number 2

An Exclusive Master Builder Guarantee

Don’t expect to do repairs anytime soon. But if you find any concerns as the home settles, it’s good to know you’re covered by the Master Builder Guarantee, when you choose Homeworld as your trusted new build partner.

A Master Builder Guarantee ensures that you don’t need to pay out of pocket for any structural issues for 10 years.


A Cost-Efficient Approach

A new home equals big savings. Your ideal home is customised to your living needs and can be built to be truly energy efficient. You save more in utilities when your house is created to harness natural light and conserve heat.


Tailor your new build home based on your style and taste.

Choose what you want to see and use in your home starting with the lighting fixtures, paint colors, wall papers, floor textures, and home décor. Putting your bespoke personal touch only adds to the excitement and flair of owning a property that’s newly built.



You can expect newly built homes to have the highest safety standards today due to upgraded compliance regulations. Mainly, the materials used in the construction are safer, sturdy and non-toxic compared decades ago. Due to their composition, they can help mitigate the risk of fires.


The Best Neighbourhood Amenities

Home and Land packages provide an opportunity to live within the latest and most prestigious communities. Here you can expect a short drive away from everything important to you. Homeworld hand picks the best sections available and offers them in a complete turn key solution. ‘Location, location. location’ is something we all know is critical when choosing where to build. If you ever decide to sell in the future, you won't have a hard time finding prospective buyers.

As a prime builder in Whangarei, here at Homeworld, we have over 40 years’ experience building long-lasting homes with attention to detail.

Have a look at our home build designs. Looking for a special home in Whangarei? Get in touch with us today at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86!


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