A Checklist On Finding A New Home Builder

The decision to build a new home is as important as choosing the new home builder. It might be that you already have a dream home in mind or you have yet to consult or you’re still searching for a professional home builder who can make your dream home a reality. For you to end up with the right professional builder, you can check first the Master Builders webstie (MB). Their list of builders is a good starting point.

Start with the Master builders Website. Such organisations only list member builders who are of good standing and trustworthiness and meet the standards set by the Master Builders Association. This also means that you have protections and safeguards to best support yourself as you build your dream home. Friends, colleagues, and family members are also a great source of recommendations, particularly for those who have build a new home recently. They will be happy to share their experiences with their builders both negative and positive. If you are new in the area and don’t know anyone yet, you can check on forum sites and reviews online. Remember that the forum sites and reviews may not include all the important information; it’s always a must to speak to a professional.

Find out how long the builder has been in business. A builder that has been in operation for three to five years is more financially stable and reliable than a new builder. One that has been in the industry 20+ years with returning clients – this is the ideal. The builder has to have a permanent physical office for all warranty concerns and other queries. Having a permanent office also proves to you that the company enjoys a good reputation with suppliers, subcontractors, and lending entities.

Find out if your prospective builder is certified Licensed Building Practitioner, Master Builders’ Association, or any other professional organisation in the industry. These organisations ensure that their professional members are updated with the latest and best practices in the industry.

If you are not satisfied with the services, what right do you have? Do you receive comprehensive maintenance and even structural warranties once the house is handed to you? Are the workers insured if ever something happens to them while at work?

Ask who you will be talking to when you want to connect with the company. Would it be the supervisor, a customer service representative, or a builder? Make sure that you are comfortable with their reporting method for updates and how frequently you will be meeting on the site.

Make sure that you will be given a complete pack of warranty documents for all the systems, appliances, and products found in the house, tips, and guides for maintaining the home, and follow-up processes if ever defects are identified. You also have to ask how often the builder will inspect the house once the construction is completed.

You have to be certain of the builder’s standards for workmanship. You can do this by looking at the previous works, attending their open homes, and asking for previous clients you can speak too. Bear in mind that it’s likely for builders to give you only samples of work that would put them in a good light.

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Stick to these tips and recommendations and in no time you’ll be all set for building your dream home.


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