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Having a home of your own with the flexibility to do whatever you want, whenever and wherever, might be a lifelong dream that you’ve been wanting to achieve. If you have set your mind and heart in making it a reality, we love to support you in your new build dream. We at Homeworld, the prime home design, and builder in Whangarei, loving working on helping our clients achieve their home goals, working with you to set your grand plan into action.

Transportable Home Defined

What exactly is a transportable home? By its name, it refers to a house that may be taken from one place to another. At other times, a transportable home serves as a minor dwelling or guesthouse at an existing property, and movement from one location to another is not necessary.  

Transportable homes in NZ are compact but not cramped as they have ample space for at least two bedrooms, a proper toilet and bath, a functional kitchen, a cosy living room, and often decks extend the living space even further. Transportable homes are not, despite the common misconception moveable homes, or those on a trailer.

Why Get One?

Here are some of the benefits of having a transportable home. 

Whilst moving the home round the country is possible, meaning if you choose to relocate, you can take everything including the kitchen sink, mobility can also be about site access. Some sites mean that construction of a home on a set site is easier and more attainable than building on site. For such constructions a transportable home is ideal.

Do you want to have a minor dwelling that you can transform into a farm cottage then, later on, make it a place that you can go to for a peaceful retreat that is separated but still within your own perimeter? You get to decide how you can utilise your own transportable home, any time you wish. This could even be a home for your soon-to-be independent child for when he or she is ready to leave the nest.

For those who want to start small and have everything within your proximity, having a transportable home might be right for you. If you are parents to little ones, you could easily keep an eye on them whilst they are playing in the living room and you are preparing meals in the kitchen. 

For those who are in their advanced years, our transportable home designs, could serve as their semi-retirement abode. Transportable homes are idealas every area of the house is within a comfortable reach. Also, the open plan living of our transportable home designs is advantageous for people with limitations in mobility. 

Because of the size of this home design and build, it is easy to keep it clean on a more frequent basis.  

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With over 40 years in the business of home design and build in NZ, we at Homeworld have designed and built transportable homes that are not just convenient for homeowners, but also, visually astounding, comfortable, and built to last. We are proud to be Licensed Building Practitioners and we provide the Master Build Guarantee for all the homes that we have designed and constructed.

This 10-year guarantee gives our homeowners assurance and peace of mind that the homes that they have invested in and are currently living in are safe against structural or material defects.

Think a transportable home is for you? Currently, we have three designs available to view on our site which are transportable homes: the Piha, Taipa, and Tinopai.

The Taipa and Piha models both have 2 bedrooms and one bathroom each. Each has a total area of 67.32 square metres. Their main difference is the location of bedrooms and bathroom. Of the three transportable home designs, the Tinopai model is the biggest, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The Tinopai has a living area of 91.51 square metres.

Can’t decide which transportable home design is for you? Give us a call or pop by our office at Western Hills, Whangarei.

Our Home Consultants would be happy to discuss the options available for you and would give you a tour of our Showhome Village to see some of our designs and the high-quality products that we use in the homes that we build.

Seeing our work in person will hopefully help you find the home design and build that is right for you.

Homeworld excellence started in Whangarei over 40 years ago.

Time has tested the homes built and they still stand today as elegant and classic homes in various Whangarei neighborhoods.

So, trust Homeworld with your next custom home design and build. Call Homeworld at 0800 86 89 86 and ask about our design-build homes in Whangarei NZ.


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