Best Custom Home Window Styles in Whangarei

A Whangarei custom build home opens up many possibilities for you as a homeowner in terms of style, function, and cost. You can even build your home to ensure it has a future in the property market, you can create a custom home with a timeless appeal that’s attractive to buyers.

It is worth mentioning that with a custom home build service in Whangarei, you can make your home look beautiful and distinct. And with today’s construction standards, you can tailor everything down to the flooring and up to the windows. (hence our blog today!)

Windows are not just an artifice of display, they open up your custom home to a view of the world and bring in light at the best times of the day. There should be a healthy focus on finding the right windows for your home, the way one would adamantly search for the right flooring or light fixtures.

Choosing the Right Window System

Now if you’ve noticed, when you buy a pre-built home or an old house, you can expect the windows to sport that generic traditional look- the same kind of windows you see everywhere, very much like the next-door neighbors’ or even the whole neighbourhood.

If you want to stand out, you can break that monotony when you choose the perfect window style for your custom home.

Windows comes in all kinds of frames and bespoke sizes. From wood to metal to polyvinyl, materials that are sturdy and meant to withstand the elements. There are windows that push out, some are movable at the hinges, while others pivot vertically or simply slide to the side. The fact that windows can be open in many ways means it has a lot of efficient ways to provide that much-needed airflow into a space and usability for you, the owner!

Let’s take a look at some window styles that can be customised for your home:

We are all familiar with casement windows, even if we don’t know it. They are any kind of window that has a frame attached by hinges. They can be opened through push-or-pull to allow for airflow. They come in many designs and frames and can be customised based on shape or embellished to suit your home’s architectural style. 

You’ve seen these classic windows pitched high on a roof. The window projects forward upon a sloping roof, and ironically, a dormer has its own well-fitted mini roof. The shape of which could be arched, flat, pointy, or ornamented. Dormers bring a unique balance to a home’s exteriors by adding drama, height, and highlighting the architectural style of the facade.

To naturally light an interior space, a row of windows are placed at the upper part of a wall, often close to the roof line. These are Clerestory windows, we’ve all seen them at one time or the other, we just don’t know their name. Clerestory windows are very good for natural illumination. They easily brighten up spaces by flooding in light. They are perfect windows for kitchens and basements.

Skylights are fixed windows that are quite popular in contemporary homes. They are installed on roofs or ceilings and easily bring in natural light and fresh air. They are also referred to as roof windows, or by their brand name (that’s synonymous with this type of window) Velux Windows.  They can provide efficient airflow in bathrooms or kitchens, and are amazing for star gazing from the bedroom.

In Conclusion

Windows are a portal to the outside world, they offer a unique focal point for your custom home design. When choosing windows for your custom home, we can help you find windows that complement your home’s architecture while maintaining a strong functional framework. 

Moreover, the right set of windows can bring more personalisation to your dream home, and a Whangarei custom home builder like Homeworld can help you narrow down your choices when it comes to the best windows. 

We’ll be happy to talk to you about it because perfecting the details of your Whangarei custom home takes hard work and persistence. As a licensed building practitioner with over 40 years of experience, Homeworld will work with you closely in acquiring the design and construction needs of your home. Call us at Homeworld at 0800 86 89 86 today! 


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