Best Kitchen Styles for Custom Homes

People spend so much time in their kitchens that it’s no surprise that many homeowners put in a lot of thought into how the kitchen of their custom home should look, function and ‘breathe’. It is the hub of any home. They want their kitchens to be welcoming to the needs of the family, with enough space to accommodate the daily demands of each member.

When it comes to modern design trends, however, homeowners don’t want to limit themselves to a plain white kitchen; instead, they want to make the most of their custom build by including a vivid mix of materials, texture, and colours.

We’ve put together a list of great kitchen styles that are perfect for homeowners planning their custom home. So, let’s get started:

Large Size Backsplashes

Backsplashes were first used to protect the kitchen wall. Cooking can be a messy affair, walls can get splattered with hot oils, grease, and food stains. Backsplashes used to be small ceramic tiles that could be installed to cover the small space behind the stove and sink. Today, you can find large slabs that can fill kitchen walls up to ceiling height, with a range of materials including glass and ceramics available.

When choosing a backsplash design, the most crucial factor to consider is how it will blend with your other kitchen elements such as the cupboards, cabinetry, countertops, and floors. Depending on your preferences, you can pull everything together by tastefully matching the materials and colours to a harmonious effect. Alternatively, you can make a big statement by contrasting your backsplash. With a Custom Whangarei Home, the decision is yours.

Metal Mixes

Metals have been melted and pounded for millennia to create various shapes and useful products. Now they have found their way as a modern kitchen design staple. They simply lend character to a space.

Metallics have made a strong impression on the kitchen interior design market, and they’re a terrific way to make your space feel more modern and beautiful. Given their reflecting properties, which can bounce light throughout the room and make small areas appear larger.
Metal fixtures, finishes, and strong metallic accents are a great way to add variety without going overboard. And they come in many sheens: you can use aluminum, copper, bronze, and other toned metals in your kitchen instead of solely stainless steel.

The Smart Kitchen

With a custom home design, you have every opportunity to have a smart kitchen that’s both highly-functional and stylish. This simply means your kitchen is connected to everyday technology that you use, such as apps and gadgets. Plus they can offer you more practical options on how to run your kitchen.

Technology-integrated kitchens are popular due to their convenience and design possibilities. This kitchen style incorporates technology into every appliance and built-in fixture. Kitchen faucets with motion sensors, for example, may detect the presence of hands beneath them and turn on automatically. Additionally, there are automated paper towel dispensers, coffee with presets, and refrigerators that can track food inventories and grocery lists. All ready and handy! Whether you want items for convenience or as showstoppers, here at Homeworld we can design your home with your end goals in mind.

Building a Custom Home in Whangarei

Whether it’s for your own custom-built home with a special kitchen design, a second family home, or a new investment property in Whangarei, choose a renowned design-build contractor to execute your custom home project. Go for Homeworld!

Homeworld is a dependable design-build company with over 40 years of custom home and build experience. Following an initial meeting, we will work closely with you to bring your house plans to life.

Make your custom dream home a reality. Contact us now at 0800 86 89 86 and let us know more about your special custom home project.


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