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Delight in a new home. Build it brick by brick.

Brick building remains one of the most versatile and climate-friendly materials for house building. No matter what kind of design you have in mind, Homeworld can help you build it with innovative and high-quality bricks.

Bricks are adaptable building materials that have stood the test of time, they are durable and weather-strong, and provide a unique, classic style to your ideal home.

The sense of accomplishment in seeing your dream house come alive is undoubtedly one of the best milestones in life. So build your dream home with us!

We are among the elite home builders known for their expertise in full brick construction. Homeworld designs residential spaces using the best traditional and contemporary brick architecture methods.

Bricks can create a comfortable and sustainable home environment with that rugged, distinct finish. So what’s so special about having a well-built brick home?

Here are some advantages of using bricks in building your house:

  • Bricks are uncomplicated, generally low upkeep and easy to care for.
  • Bricks are all about texture and surface configurations. Their placement options and patterns are endless.
  • Bricks easily provide a classic, rustic sense of style and charm to any home.
  • As an exterior layer, bricks don’t require repainting at all.
  • Bricks are not just simply red or brown. They come in various colors- this is due to the firing temperatures and the kind of clay they are sourced from.
  • Superior soundproofing and noise cladding.
    Improved termite resistance.
  • Bricks are fireproof. It has tough fire-resistance at high temperatures.
  • Bricks are durable and can last longer than most building materials.

Bricks as building blocks have been around for a long time, they are often a very good choice for sturdy foundations. Although bricks in construction are sourced from natural raw materials, the basic brick has gone through so many improvements to adapt to the structural and modern requirements of building compliance.

In terms of environmental accountability, bricks are an excellent choice for environment-friendly construction since they are generally made from natural materials and are recyclable. Bricks can help in saving energy by making the home cooler in summer and warmer during wet or cold seasons, making your home energy efficient all year round.

Understanding our clients’ vision of their desired home is integral to our build process, and crucial to our success as a leading Whangarei home builder.

Our approach to urban home design is to maximise the available space you have. We showcase areas that are most important to our clients, ensuring clients can truly live well in these spaces, with regards to flow, interaction and quality.


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