Building Company Governing Bodies In New Zealand

Whenever you’re out to build a home, a building, or a large structure, it must meet acceptable standards as early as the planning stage. This consistency in standards should be followed throughout the design and build of your construction project.

Before you set your heart into building your dream home or even building a structure on your property, know that all types of building work in New Zealand are governed by a set of legislation and regulations. This is to protect the public from substandard and shoddy construction that can place many lives in danger.

What are Building Regulations?

Building regulations exist to make sure buildings and infrastructures are safe for people.

The Building Regulations 2010 and earlier precedents set out the legal requirements on how buildings in New Zealand should be built. These laws cover every possible issue and considerations when it comes to building from the strength of the structure, design and layout, weather tightness, fire safety, sanitation, installation of specified systems, environmental impact, and annual compliance measures.

The goal is to make homes and buildings safe, sturdy, and affordable for the average NZ resident.

The Main Governing Bodies in New Zealand Building and Construction

Is the main regulating body when it comes to building consents and the building code in New Zealand. They are at the top of the hierarchy over other agencies that have regulatory roles. This is followed by Building consent authorities (BCAs) which supervises a regulatory role per district.

Furthermore, the MBIE is the government’s critical business planning and processing agency, their primary goal is to boost productivity and business growth in New Zealand. One of the responsibilities of the MBIE is to monitor the overall performance of the country-wide building system by updating policy and administer building regulations.

City and district councils are classified as building consent authorities (BCAs). They are the territorial enforcers of NZ building regulations.

BCAs are the ones who process building consents; undertake inspections during construction, dole out compliance schedules, and issue code compliance certificates attesting that the requirements of the NZ Building Code have been met.

For sure, your building work will require planning permissions and other types of consent, do know your first stop is the BCA of your area, which is the local council where you intend to build.

Building Regulatory Support System

These institutions and associations are not part of the legal approval process of the building code and its many regulations. However, on the whole, they greatly impact the building regulatory system of New Zealand. Their industry presence ensures that the building sector thrives and maintains its high-performance standards, mainly by overseeing the well-being and proper training of its many members and professionals.

NZIBIlogo 0

NZ Institute of Building Inspectors

The New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors is the organisation representing professional building inspectors and any building company in New Zealand. They do not regulate any building law, but they certify building inspectors, making sure they are highly trained and competent in building inspections. They are part of the system that ensures the NZ Building Code is upheld to high standards.

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New Zealand Institute of Building

The NZIOB is an association representing the key players in the construction industry. They encourage high build standards and better productivity. They are often the first ones to test new forms of construction, building research, and innovations. Their members constitute building-related professionals from architects, designers, builders, engineers, project managers, and quantity surveyors. These also include licensed building practitioners in Whangarei.

The New Zealand Construction Industry Council logo

The New Zealand Construction Industry Council (NZCIC)

A non-profit association that represents the construction, building company in New Zealand, design, and property sectors. As well as house builders in Whangarei. Their focus is all about well-being best practices and performance standards to create a better building environment for New Zealand. They advocate and mediate issues between the government and the construction industry.

Here’s a basic rule: You cannot start construction without permissions from the BCA or the local territorial authority. Yes, even if you are building a small shed, an extension, or an extra garage. There are building codes and local council rule can penalise you for doing so.

So before you begin your home or property construction, check with your contractor, house builders in Whangarei or building company in New Zealand on who will be responsible for obtaining building consents and planning permissions? Will this administrative process be part of their services? Or is the application an undertaking you have to do on your own?

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