Building Materials Used By Builders In Whangarei, Northland

Building and Home construction is an expensive and complicated affair. A considerable cost is due to the quality of the construction materials used to build your dream Whangarei or Northland home.

High-performing building materials can ensure you have a high-quality home that’s far from the nightmarish scenario of the NZ leaky home debacle. To begin with, you need the best building materials available to make sure your home structure is weather tight. This is to make sure your home will keep rainwater out and withstand strong winds and the Northland heat all year long.

There are many materials needed to build a house. Some are preferred for their strength, others for their long-term durability. When sourcing materials that you need for your build Homeworld have the knowledge and expertise and the relationships to source the best materials available.

Below is a list of standard building materials that builders in Whangarei use on modern home building projects:


Wood is natural, eco-friendly, lightweight, and locally abundant. Builders in Whangarei would agree that the advantage with wood is also its price. High-quality wood has great tensile strength that can support heavy loads. Wood is a non-conductor so it’s electrically resistant, and offers a bit of soundproofing between spaces. Aesthetically, wood can make your home look warm and grand in its façade and home interiors. The downside with wood though is that over time it requires maintenance.


As building materials, cement and concrete are used to create support forms such as foundations, footings, walls, beams, and slabs. They make any homes resilient as they do not warp, twist or splinter. It is definitely a strong material you can rely on for the long-term.


There are strong kinds of plastics that are flexible as they are hardy. Infrastructure plastics can fill in spaces and odd shapes in the home design that cannot be adequately bridged together through wood. Plastics such as poly vinyl chloride and thermoplastic olefins commonly used in construction are affordable, versatile or even rigid as you want them to be. Plastics have adequate tensile strength and varied load-bearing abilities based on their intended use in the home build. Durable and rot-resistant, however some plastics are flammable when they reach very high temperatures.


Architectural and building metals such as tin, aluminum, copper, and steel are major staples in house construction. Consider them the backbone of your build as some steel works provide the framework and shape of the home. Metal is a widely used, strong material that doesn’t easily warp, it has remarkable fire-resistant properties and can support heavy loads.


Of course, glass is a basic building material. What would our home windows look like without them?

Glass has so much to offer beyond window coverings, some glass materials are so tough, they can provide a modern or even brutalist aesthetic to some home styles. Beyond that glass provides weather protection, UV resistance, privacy, glazing and insulation.


Brick’s are known for their rigidity, insulation benefits and robustness. Their added benefit is for their low maintenance as well as their durability, and clean classic style.

When building in Whangarei, there are many possible building materials to consider and explore to make your home weather tight, hazard-free, sustainable, safe and even energy efficient. But all you need to do is to consult with the prime residential construction building firm in Whangarei and Northland. Homeworld!

When you trust Homeworld with your Whangarei and Northland custom home, you can expect a high-quality professional build with the best construction materials for your home project. Contact us today at 0800 86 89 86. We’ll help you source and find the most suitable materials for your build.

With Homeworld, you can have the high-performing home of your dreams built only with top quality building materials and precision construction methods and a 10 year guarantee.


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