Building Your Custom Home In Whangarei

Building your Custom Home in Whangarei

Building your ideal home in Whangarei requires commitment from you- the homeowner and the dedicated local master builder. The design-build process can be challenging and complex, but the end goal is very much worth it: a home built for the way in which you live, tailored to your section.

There’s no straightforward answer to ‘how much does a new house cost?’ because there are so many factors that influence the price.

To better guide you, below is a simple checklist to keep you on track during the design-build process:

You should begin considering the scope of your budget from the outset. It’s not that you can’t tailor what you want with your home, you just need to know what you can afford, and what can be covered by a loan or mortgage. The key here is prioritising your must haves and your nice to haves.

Factor into your budget land expenses, local fees and taxes, design and engineering fees, construction costs, and contingency.

Will you have a baby soon? Do you have kids whose school calendar will affect construction? Will the natural seasons change the progress? 

If you employ Homeworld Master Builders, such factors can be mitigated as you have project managers overseeing your design and build dream. End goals as to when you want to move in by should be clearly outlined so that your Homeworld Master Builders can meet this timeframe, but construction, oversight and management are all worries taken away when utilising Homeworld.

It’s good to remember that location is vital. There are more elements than just convenience to think of, such as orientation, topography, proximity, natural features, access to resources and services, and landscaping. It is highly encouraged to consult an expert to identify and weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of your location options.

If you choose a home and land package from Homeworld, the experts at Homeworld will have done their homework on the section and what will work from the topography and landscape perspective. This means before any outlay you will know how much the home and land package will cost as there will be no nasty surprises.

Designing your Custom Home

In building your dream home, your ideas can (and should) be ambitious. However, don’t forget to be realistic and practical. Determine your needs, wants, and dreams and prioritise these aspects according to what is most feasible and achievable within your budget.

When visualising your home, you can collate all your home ideas using apps and websites such as Pinterest. Homeworld encourages their customers to bring in their visual mood boards during a Homeworld design and build consult. This helps them know what design styles and home elements appeal to the most.

Getting the Right House Builder in Whangarei

Building your dream home can be quite a challenge, so find the right master builder NZ that can be with you every step of the way.

You need a Whangarei house builder that has all the required expertise under one roof. They have a league of experts that can execute your dream house plans from a talented resident architect, construction foreman, landscape teams, tradesman, roofers, electricians and carpenters.

A Homeworld Master Builder will keep you informed at every completed phase of the build. With a competent and experienced Homeworld Master Builder, you can trust them to actualise your dream plans in the most efficient way possible.

Homeworld Top Tip

Get to know your builder, and not just their rates, but their style and approach as well when it comes to design-build projects. When you collaborate with a seasoned professional you can count on them to do an estimate, layout the timeframe, and rally everyone involved in the build.

Whangarei Custom Home Builder Near Me?

Looking for the best new home builders in Whangarei? Come on over and talk houses with Homeworld! 

Consult with Homeworld on your custom home dreams. Homeworld have been building great homes in Northland for nearly 40 years. At Homeworld, they are dedicated to providing quality, value for money homes for their customers. Call 0800 86 89 86 to inquire about our design-build homes in Whangarei NZ.

They’ll take care of everything so you can enjoy the process of building your new home.


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