Challenging Home Building Locations

Homeworld is a trusted Northland home builder with over 40 years of experience in designing and building homes. We have constructed homes in varying styles, sizes, and locations. We love a project that involves a challenging building site. That is the Homeworld advantage – having years of experience and a good reputation in the home design and build industry in NZ!

Homeworld is a home design and build company based in Whangarei that offers Home and Land Packages for people who prefer to have a single provider in building their dream home. For clients who already have land to build on, we offer our wide selection of home designs for them to choose from. We also have clients who come to us with an existing blueprint that they want to build on. Then we have our architects and engineers evaluate it before construction. The showhomes that we build at our Display Village are also available for purchase.

But what makes a location challenging?

Not all building sites are created equal. Some properties are located on a slope, while others have an unconventional shape. Owners find it difficult to find home builders that will take on the task of building on such a landscape.

Homeworld's Approach to Extraordinary Locations

Though challenging locations may be considered less than ideal, our incredible and talented team of Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners are very much capable of transforming a complex building site into a remarkable residential property. We don’t hide from slopes, or oddly-shaped properties. Instead, we see them as opportunities to expand our capabilities and enhance our creativity. Our team of Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners use their expertise in tackling challenging locations. We have clients who were turned away from other builders, but were welcomed by us as we saw the home build as a challenge, leaving them delighted with their one-of-a-kind dream homes and were proud to show them off to their friends and families.

The homes that we built were not just visually appealing and sturdy. They also come with the 10-Year Master Build Guarantee, which gives a big sense of security for homeowners. This guarantee assures owners that their beautiful homes are protected against material and structural defects for ten years. Homeworld also extends this guarantee by giving additional benefits such as Loss of Deposit.

Are you planning to have your dream home built on your out-of-the-ordinary parcel of land? Give us a call soon so we can discuss which home design and build is best for your unique property.


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