Choosing The Perfect Windows For Your New Home

Windows are vital parts of a house. They determine how much sunlight and the breeze flow inside your home. The size and type of windows you plan to have will affect your privacy — how much people from the outside can see inside your home.

Want to know what your window options are? Read on and find out.

Types of Windows

One of the common types of windows installed in most homes. The awning opens partially horizontally, using a crank handle, to let the breeze in. It is a safe design as it does not open all the way through.

Another popular window type, the casement also has a crank handle but opens vertically. The casement allows more air to flow inside the house because you can open it all the way through.

Made of glass panels that glide horizontally or vertically, sliding windows are space-savers. With some configurations that come with solid aluminum, sliding windows allow more air to flow into your home without taking up much space when opened.

This type of window enables more air and sunlight to flow through your home as it creates an extended opening without taking up much space.

Why Window Types Matter

Why do you need to pay attention to the kind of windows for your new house?

Knowing which type of window to install in your dream home matters because of the following reasons:

The main concern is when you have little ones who are of the adventurous kind and have a penchant for climbing. For this reason, you must select the type of windows that will protect your tiny humans from falling out.

Windows should be easy for everyone at home to open and shut. Choose the type of windows that are relatively easy for you to clean without the need to hire a professional cleaning service each time.

Your preferred window type must enable ample natural light and breeze to flow into your house for added energy efficiency and proper ventilation.

Depending on your location, your window type must be able to withstand the changing seasons and usual weather conditions.

At Homeworld, Northland’s leading home builder, based in Whangarei, we always work closely with our clients so we can factor in their preferences and accommodate their requests, as much as possible, from the design up to the building stages. We give our honest and professional opinion to help our clients arrive at a crucial decision concerning their build.

We are Licensed Building Practitioners who adhere to best practices and enforce strict building codes throughout the construction process.

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Get in touch with us soon so we can help you plan and build your new home.


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