Coastal Homes

Living by the coastline is a dream for many

Imagine, living your best mornings on a sandy shore with your family. This alone can motivate anyone to build a lovely, sturdy home on a gorgeous waterfront location.

A home by the water promises stunning views that stretch on for miles. Who wouldn’t want their dream home where land meets the sea?

The seaside life brings many joys, but living close to the ocean requires a specialised design and build. The bespoke design of the home should reflect the beauty of the landscape and withstand the elements — the onslaught of waves, wind, sea spray and the Northland heat.

A coastal build should be well-layered, council compliant and most certainly, beautiful and built to last.

Coastal Homes are always Unique

It’s not like an inland home, there are many critical considerations that, if taken for granted, are detrimental in creating a strong foundation for the house. First, your land area needs to be properly sited before anything can be built on it, this means avoiding any areas susceptible to erosion that can undermine the built. It’s very important that you team up with an expert build firm that can make your coastal home a dream come true.

What are usually considered as quality houses in urban areas are often not suitable for harsh coastal conditions. More so, strict adherence to building regulations in building homes along coastal areas must be observed for the safety of homeowners.

When you custom build with Homeworld, we will ensure your home makes the most of the landscape your section offers as well as suiting your living requirements, providing you with all year round enjoyment.

Build your Dream Home with Us

Even the most experienced of builders find constructing a coastal house a real challenge. There are many factors to consider such as the type of soil, landscape, distance from the sea, the building materials and the overall design.

We at Homeworld can build you a home that’s structurally sound and strong enough to resist forces year after year. We understand what it takes to build beautiful and durable homes on the coast, and we have built many to specification along Northland coastlines.

As a credible construction firm in Whangarei NZ, Homeworld can offer you the best advantage:

We have a dedicated Design & Build team that values innovation and continuously works on solid construction methodologies that a specific location may require.

Has strong local ties with reliable subcontractors, planners, craftsmen, vendors and suppliers.

As a custom contractor, we have an impressive portfolio of construction accomplishments. We can even offer you a visit at one of the many coastal houses we’ve built.

As a custom home builder company, Homeworld can make your building experience easy, convenient and stress-free by streamlining processes and taking over tasks necessary for construction. We are partnered with leading and trusted suppliers of raw materials who can help us build a home with the strongest foundation. We are here to assist you every step of the way as we acknowledge how important every small detail is.

Our passion is in building high-quality and well-crafted coastal homes. We speak from experience and we cannot wait to talk to you when you’re ready to plan and build your very own seaside home.

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