Consider these 3 things When Building a Custom Home

A Whangarei design-build firm is a custom home builder that is involved in every step of a home’s design and construction, from the first planning stages to the final touches, clean-up, and post construction work. Everything you need done, one company responsible. No need to deal with multiple contractors and hear how it’s someone else’s responsibility..

And it’s never a one-way street; a custom home builder encourages clients to contribute at every stage of the build process to ensure a completely personalised home.

But there are a number of considerations to think about to ensure a home is genuinely tailored to client’s preferences. So we’ve put up a list of 3 things to keep in mind when building a custom home in Whangarei:

number 1

Think carefully about what you want in a custom home.

A home is built around the person who lives there and what they do every day, so make a list of the things you like best about your current daily routine. Does your family enjoy participating in recreational activities together? What percentage of your time is spent in the kitchen preparing meals? Do you prefer to curl up with a good book in a quiet corner of your home? To a custom house builder, these little facets of your life are a crucial consideration when designing your new home. Consider the things that are most important to you - greater closet space, a space where kids can run about unsupervised? Is it possible to have a little of everything? The next step is to determine what you want against what you need. A home gym is great, but would having more space for a laundry room or a kids' playroom be more beneficial? The exciting thing is when working with a Whangarei home builder, you get to decide. A home builder can assist you in finding creative ways to accommodate your must haves and your wants.

number 2

The custom home builder you'll be working with. (this is critical!)

Of course, the quality and excellence of the build work is important, but the level of integrity and personal accountability is even more important. Most building hiccups stem from communications and trust issues during the build process between the home builder and homeowner.

A good homebuilding company has processes - meaning you are not left in the dark. They know it's just as important to talk about how you'll work things out if any problems arise. Defining the objectives — timetables, budgets, progress points, and goals — is essential to the discussion of the custom build process. You know you're working with the right one when they are transparent about the workflow, they have a solid track record of custom builds, and best of all, you feel comfortable talking and discussing all the custom build issues around them.


Read up and research on design styles.

Did you realise that contemporary and modern are two completely distinct kinds of design? While you're here, take a look at Homeworld's gallery of custom-built homes around Whangarei- just see what other design styles you might be interested in.

What we suggest is that you build a collection of architectural and design concepts. This can be on pinterest or ripped from magazines. Once you've narrowed down the design you want, discuss the possibilities further with your custom home builder.

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Homeworld is a trustworthy design-build firm with over 40 years of custom home and building experience in Whangarei. We will collaborate with you to bring your custom house plans to life and make your ideal bespoke home a reality. Contact us right now at 0800 86 89 86 to tell us more about your custom home project.


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