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Building your Whangarei custom dream home without the support of a building specialist. Going it alone can be daunting, from considerable attention required to funding, planning, building code requirements, working with the council to time and energy. Many going it alone rush into some big decisions, blowing out their budget and causing delays.

This shouldn’t put you off having a custom built home, the benefits of having a home designed to your individual requirements are significant. Get a trusted accredited Master Builder on your side. Trust Homeworld, Whangarei’s leading home builder, with an excellent track record in delivering on schedule and within your budget.

A Custom Build Home is not just a great deal

The quickest way you can move into a home is to buy an old or existing property that’s available on the market. Though this kind of home already comes with a host of creature comforts, it might not be the perfect home for you and your family. Consider the layout, for instance, does it make best use of the spaces? The built in fixtures, are they an asset or a job for your to-do list? Existing homes often come with the need for renovation.

So, why not go for a custom-build house in the first place?

When you decide to go for a Whangarei custom-build home from Homeworld, the process is made simple. You bring in with you your wants and needs and our team of experts work with you to achieve your dreams. Some dreams can be costly however, but having operated in the market for over 40years, we know alternative solutions and ways to achieve the same results and achieve cost-saving solutions.

A Customised Home to your Liking

Going custom-build means building your own home from scratch with everything you ever wanted. It can get complicated, time-intensive, and even costly, but if you do it with Homeworld, we confirm the price upfront, ensuring you are protected from cost overruns in the process. Homeworld are trusted by banks and mortgage lenders offering a turn-key solution to your new build.

Building It New

The cost of a custom-built home can be comparably lower than a ready-built home of the same size. This is often due to the expertise, experience and buying power of Homeworld. In addition, 10 years of trouble-free living with the Master Builder guarantee.

Who doesn’t love getting something in mint condition or in this case newly built. That’s the undeniable appeal of a custom build home.

Why a Custom Build Houses typically are the best choice:

Looking for a Custom Build Homebuilder?

Consult with a Homeworld. They can help you on your home build journey. Whether it’s a custom-built house in Whangarei or an available home and land package in Tutukaka, Homeworld is the name to trust.

With Homeworld, our vision is to provide homeowners their very own dream home where they can choose to live for generations. We’ve proudly served Whangarei and Northland for 40 years.

Call us at 0800 86 89 86 or simply message us through our contact form.


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