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A custom home is a well-thought out vision, this isn't a transitional or momentary place of residence.

It’s something any homeowner aspires to achieve; an investment one hopes will pass the test of time.

Property owners in Whangarei envision their dream home as the abode they will age-in-place, the asset they will pass on from one generation to the next.

Perhaps spanning a marvelous 50 year future that one could only hope for which is about the resplendently full life of a well-built NZ house.

The key to any home’s longevity involves proper planning and solid construction work from inception to completion.

When you select a builder in Whangarei your priority should be in knowing the quality of the builder’s work. This is often reflected in the kind of homes they have built, and these structures should be made with the highest standards in mind and carefully built to last.

With Homeworld, we make sure we acquire the best materials for your home and have the right kind of experts and tradesmen for the job.

We bring in the right combination of the necessary skills and high-quality materials that enables our team to do their work properly. We are known for our commitment to excellence, design knowledge, flexibility and expertise.

Choosing a builder is very much getting into a long-term partnership, so it’s very important you communicate your goals to us so we can have a deep understanding of the style and architecture you want your home to have.


A top-notched team onboard

No matter what the project, as an experienced ideal design-build contractor, we will connect you with the best collaborative team to streamline all the aspects of your building process. Working with us, means time valued and well-spent. Instead of personally looking for individual suppliers on your own, by having us onboard, you will have access to industry experts in architecture, general contracting, interior design, in order to complete the scale of the construction you want.


Project Continuity

Because our design-build firm runs on creative collaboration and teamwork, by having all the necessary experts working together, you get results that exceed your expectations. You are in the best hands when you are in a close partnership with a Registered Master Builder such as Homeworld Design and Build. Our approach is always open, honest and professional. It’s all about building you a new home, exceeding your wildest dreams, using the best and most practical means.


Accurate Cost Projections

Accurately estimate construction costs earlier than in any traditional construction project. The design-build method allows you room for cost adjustments and modifications. Better still, we want you as a homeowner to have a good idea of the cost and estimates before the construction even starts.

Why Choose Homeworld for your Design-Build Construction needs?

Homeworld will definitely make it easier for you to understand the estimated costs and time-frames involved.

With our 40 years onsite knowledge and experience, trust us to be on top of all key aspects of construction.

Homeworld is a known registered Master Builder in Whangarei which means a good part of your investment is covered by the Master Build Services Guarantee — this coverage makes sure that your home is protected for the duration of 10 years.

We consider every detail we have to work with and the impact it has on your construction project. We can make the necessary modifications to make it work without severely affecting your budget and timeline.

Building a home in Whangarei? Get in touch with us. We have a long history of exceptional design-build initiatives. Email us or fill in our form and we’ll get right back at you.


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