Designing And Building From Scratch Vs Standard Home Design

Designing your own home is a rewarding venture because you get to exercise your creativity in every element of your house design – layout, living flow and type of materials are all possible to be determined. On the other hand, going for a standard home design still allows you to choose the style and colour scheme, too. People who do not have the luxury of time to conceptualise their own homes can opt for tried-and-tested designs. Whichever route you take, we at Homeworld are ready to partner with you in your new home design and build in Whangarei and Northland.

To determine which path is best for you, let us look at the pros and cons of designing and building from scratch versus going for a standard home design and build.

Designing and Building From Scratch

Designing for your own home involves investing lots of time and effort to come up with a house that showcases your distinct style and taste. Among its advantages are the following:

Creativity in your home designs 
You have the free rein to express your creativity in designing and building your dream home from the ground up.

Decision-Making – ensure your new build home is perfect
You get to decide on every aspect of your home — from the minutest detail up to the major ones. You can pick which materials to use for your exterior and interior and the brands you want to use for your house.

Sense of Fulfillment – its YOUR home design
Knowing that you put in countless hours and used every bit of creativity and skills in designing and building your place of residence, brings a sense of fulfillment for having achieved such an incredible goal. It feels like having your personality stamped on your own property.

Designing and Building with Standard Plans

Following a standard home design and build in Whangarei is the usual practice of most would-be homeowners. Read on to find out why this option is more appealing to them.

Homeworld based here in Northland have a collection of ready-made designs for clients to choose from. These plans were developed by licensed designers and architects, and are tried-and-tested from previous projects. All you have to do is select the one that suits your preferences and matches your needs.

We understand that you have busy lives to lead. Chosing a pre-made design certainly saves time, allowing you to focus on other areas.

Homeworld Home Designs and Bespoke Designs

Whichever route you take, Homeworld is here to support you and provide professional guidance and manpower for your new home design and build in Northland. If you choose to design and build from scratch, our in-house architects and design consultants would be working closely with you as you handpick materials that exude your unique style and tastes. If you prefer ready-made plans, you can choose from our collection of stellar home designs. We also offer the option of customising our standard designs to suit your preferences.

We are Licensed Building Practitioners and we provide the Master Build Guarantee — 10 years of protection against structural and material defects. This gives peace of mind to our clients knowing that they are safe in their beautiful and sturdy homes.

Schedule a visit with us soon so we can discuss which home design and build is right for you.


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