Does coronavirus affect your home design?

Do you imagine putting a vanity room in the front entry of your home, or placing a hand-washing basin on the porch?

Much of how COVID-19 impacts us is explained by science, but definitely not all. Some are defined by design, by home design that is.

Obviously, the coronavirus has done profound changes in home design and build. Call it pandemic-inspired home innovations that focus on resilience and basic human needs, with every element in the house working to keep our loved ones healthy and safe.

We at Homeworld construct the physical environments of your home, and we want it designed and built the way it will be easier for you and your family to fill it with laughter, love, and celebrations –even during or post-coronavirus. So we have here three “pandemic-inspired” design innovations that you might be interested to know and maybe plan to implement in your new home too!

Enhancements of safety and comfort

Gone is the design where the entrance area, living room, dining space, and kitchen are united. Coronavirus taught us that our entrance area should be separated from the other parts of the house so we don’t carry dirt into the living room. The entrance area has to be the first safety stop where we can leave our shoes, clothing, and belongings. This space, which we can call a “cleaning room” should also be the only way into the house for deliveries and guests.

Craving nature-positive space

Small gardens or plants on balconies are trendy but more than that, this nature-positive space is where you could breathe fresh air and it is good for our mental health, too!

In the midst of lockdowns, we started reviving our appreciation of the outdoors and nature. Homeworld works with you to integrate the outdoors into even the smallest space available in your plan. Would you like to try roof gardens or micro backyards on porches and balconies? Alternatively lets bring the outdoors in with bi-fold doors your dining space can open on to, ensuring indoor-outdoor flow and great ventilation.

Better home-work spaces

A desk with a lamp somewhere in the corner of the living room or under the stairs was your home office space before. But now it will be a completely separate room with large windows –so you can feel nature when you want to — with blackout curtains, comfortable furniture, and sound-insulation – if you can!

Many of us plan to embrace working from home after the pandemic is over. Talk to us to explore better home offices that balance job requirements with the privacy and safety of your family.

This pandemic has further taught us that our homes play greater roles in our daily lives. HomeWorld makes sure that our homes adapt creatively in order to entertain more activities and functions as we ensure the safety of our family. When you need a home with a greater degree of flexibility and adaptability, be creative! Give us a call.


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