Home and Land Packages Whangarei

Home and Land Packages Whangarei

Location is everything when it comes to building a home. As a homebuyer, there are two factors that you should look at closely – the section of land you intend to build on and the design of the home.

If you consider each one separately, you’ll know that the design of the home tends to inflate your overall cost while the section of land – its position in terms of where it faces the sun or wind direction – also influences the design of your home. There’s also the terrain type to consider and the engineering decisions on how your house will stand on that block of land.

So looking for a home and where to build, is not simple as it sounds. Of course a lot of times, people go through the phase of purchasing a section of land, and then start planning and creating the layout, and organising the construction of their house. This is the norm, albeit costly. As a homebuyer, you should be adequately prepared for the expenses or brave enough to take on two loans at the same time, one for the land, then the other for the construction of the house.

There is an easier way – and that is by purchasing a home and land package from Homeworld.

In a house and land package, (also called a home and land package) – the block of land and the house design come in a bundle. Meaning, when you buy the section, your developer will already have a specific design or a range of house designs available which complement the sections views and aspects.

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There are several benefits to getting a house and land package; some of them are listed below:

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Homeworld experts can look at a section, in person or via photos and know how to thoroughly maximize and make the most out of it. They will study how these land parcels can function as an efficient and cohesive neighbourhood. So when you view the designs, you are already maximising the potential of the suburban community.

For example, if your block of land is sloped or in an unusual shape, your Homeworld developer’s suggested designs will have already accounted for these so you won’t have to worry about it. Homeworld custom home builders are also experts in their field so you can be assured with a quality home so that maintenance and repairs should be minimal along the way – coupled to that they come with a ten year guarantee.

Flexibility and Customisation

Truth be told, it takes a lot of effort to design a well thought out, functional home- you need to select inclusions, colours, fittings, and fixtures, find appropriate trades and negotiate tenders. Getting the house design out of the way allows you to go straight to the exciting part – design and customisation.

Customisation allows for the package to be built with the exact house, in the exact style and design you want in your chosen location. Moreover, you can also select the exact materials and finish right down to the dishwasher you want to use so that your new home will fit your style. Bottom line here is, you’re building your dream home at a fair cost.

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Budget and Savings

For first-home buyers, a house and land package is an excellent option as there are competitive prices, and many chances for customisation. At Homeworld we can work within your budget and secure a mortgage among the several available from our finance partners and traditional bank lending options so you won’t have to stress about paying the full amount upfront.

New homebuyers can even take advantage of the available government home loan grants, while new investors may be able to claim full depreciation on the house and land package, and in turn, ensure their tenant and occupiers an excellent brand-new home.

Building a new home in Whangarei does not need to be difficult for first time home buyers, those moving up the property ladder, empty nesters or investors. With Homeworld design and build your Whangarei home builder, they will take care of all the legwork for you.

So where are our Homeworld Home and Land Packages located?

Homeworld’s home and land packages are distinct and unique. They include everything you need to make your home ready and liveable. Our house and land packages are found in most of Whangarei’s splendid locations but self build options can cover anywhere from Mangawhai to Waipu through the coast to Tutukaka, Whananaki to Russell and the Bay of Islands.

Consult today with the Homeworld team, so we can tailor a unique house and land package for you that are within your budget. Call Homeworld at 0800 86 89 86


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