Home Builders Whangarei

Home Builders Whangarei

There’s so much planning involved in building a new home from the ground up. You could be at the stage where you’ve chosen a section in a nice neighbourhood, and even checked your credit scores to meet the demands of the build and mortgage lenders.

With such a huge undertaking, it is important to build the dream home you want. After all, you are only going to build once, so design it in a way that best suits your needs.

Go for a Custom Design and Build Home

Time and again, you hear about how building your new home is one of the biggest investments that you can make. That’s true for every property owner. A new build investment is the result of all your hard work, which is why you need to ensure when you choose to design and build a new home, you do so with the best home builders.

Hiring a Whangarei home builder that is trusted in the community and the best within their field will increase the success of your home building project.

New Build projects are first and foremost, a partnership. When you work with a local home builder in New Zealand, you must remember that you will be working with them, side by side for a couple of months. This close working requires a very trusting and honest relationship with them and crucially from them. Open communication is critical. Communication lines should be open at all times. It is reasonable for you to know, at what phase your home is at, and whether it is going smoothly. If your home builder doesn’t offer a fixed price quote (Homeworld proudly offers a fixed price quote) then ensuring budgets are not being blown is critical.


  1. The Whangarei Homeworld home builder will be responsible for contacting and managing subcontractors during the design process so the team can integrate important building systems into the home’s overall design.
  2. The Homeworld home builder will forge a contract with you, that contains the construction price of the home. They will be responsible for keeping track of the costs, organisation and obtaining all required permits in building the home. Homeworld are not only part of the Master Builders guarantee scheme, they also offer fixed priced design and build quotes, meaning you can be reassured as to the cost before you start.

Not everything big is better. Attributes such as reliability, skill sets, experience, and professionalism are found, often more so, in family and privately run home builders than large multinationals or New Zealand wide home builders. You don’t need to choose a NZ home builder that has a fleet of trucks and other heavy equipment or machinery. Homeworld home builders based in the heart of Whangarei are trusted by the community.

Homeworld prides themselves on ensuring all customers are given sufficient time to plan out their needs. Homeworld understands the time required for this differs for each person. More importantly, Homeworld has what it takes to build your new home, including exceptional communication, organisation, and manpower-organising skills.

Design Build Whangarei

A custom home is a vision to marvel. It is an achievement that most homeowners don’t dare to dream into fruition. That’s why as a design and build Whangarei home builder- Homeworld are committed to having a strong relationship with their clients, delivering quality homes for them. At Homeworld, they are all about building the best home that you can have.

Homeworld’s focus is to deliver you a quality custom home that meets all of your expectations and specifications, both for now and in the future.

Homeworld excellence started in Whangarei over 40 years ago.

Time has tested the homes built and they still stand today as elegant and classic homes in various Whangarei neighborhoods.

So, trust Homeworld with your next custom home design and build. Call Homeworld at 0800 86 89 86 and ask about our design-build homes in Whangarei NZ.


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