Homeworld Energy Efficient Homes In Whangarei

All Homeworld homes are built acknowledging the need for sustainability and energy efficiency. This is part of our Homeworld DNA.

Homeworld energy efficient homes are great news for our environment and for the pockets of property owners. If you are after a dedicated Energy Efficient home, taking these elements even further, Homeworld can help with that too!

The benefits of a Homeworld Energy Efficient Home not only save the planet but also the pocket. When it comes to owning an energy efficient home you’ll save money on your overall cost of living. month after month.

According to Architectmagazine.com, millennials are the most interested in owning energy-efficient homes, followed by GenXers at 40%, and the Baby Boomers at 36%.

That said, all Homeworld home and build homes, and not just our energy efficient homes are made with the intention to conserve resources, helping you save money while you pay off your mortgage.

Why Invest in an Energy Efficient Home?

The quest to save energy whether through fixtures and appliances will always be ongoing. How the home is built, its energy efficiency rating and insulation levels will last decades.

Here are some of the perks found in energy-efficient homes:

number 1


Your home is neither too hot nor cold, or drafty. There’s quality insulation and adequate air flow circulating throughout the house

number 2

The best use of natural light.

An energy efficient home is designed with daylight in mind. We know light dictates the passing of time and even influences the mood of various spaces. When a home is well-lit, there’s no need to turn on artificial light sources throughout the day.


Noise Reduction.

Achieving air-tightness helps with noise reduction for your new home. Solid construction quality within the walls, double glazing in the windows, it’s the little differences that make it possible to reduce outdoor noise.


Upgraded appliances.

Buying a home with energy saving appliances whether refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, washing machines, and dryers reduce consumption and lower your footprint.


Better Indoor Air Quality.

The airflow movement and overall ventilation of home matter. An energy-efficient home allows residents to breathe easily.


Local Materials.

We proudly work with local companies sourcing local materials to build your dream home. By reducing the transport miles we help ensure your homes carbon footprint is as small as possible.

The Best Energy Efficient Homes in Whangarei

When you own an energy efficient home, you are doing your part in saving the environment and fight climate change as these types of homes consume less electricity, which means it has less of a carbon footprint. If you’re interested in finding good value and environmentally friendly homes in Whangarei, look no further than Homeworld.

We bring the very best of everything together. Our homes are stylish and functional.

Get in touch with us today at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86.


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