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Come over to ours, and take a look at what makes Homeworld so special. First, we construct our show homes with our signature high-quality build coupled with our incredibly well-planned design ideas, focusing on flow, interior and area design.

Homeworld show homes in Whangarei, Northland have that attention-to-detail that imbues the best, with that great sense of quality and functionality within their design.

We understand the importance of talking to you, our clients. Homeworld focuses on you – we understand that if we don’t get to know you and your requirements, the way you live, or section constraints you wont end up with your dream home. We at Homeworld want to craft, design and build homes that fit your lifestyle and living.

When it comes to building a new home, we put focus on quality, and we truly understand that craftsmanship matters.

What are Show Homes?

When you think of showhomes, you would be forgiven for thinking prefab boxes. But guess again, not all show homes are alike.

A showhomes main purpose is to display the different styles and layouts of houses in newly built developments.

Visiting a showhome can help you envisage yourself living the dream. It can also help you refine what is a must for your build. After all, the single greatest benefit to new builds is the ability to refine the designs.

Did you know that most show homes are for sale? If you love the showhome you go visit speak to the team as its likely it is available for sale. Whilst you won’t get the ability to tweak and refine the large aspects to the home, they are typically kitted out with top of the range appliances and furnishings, so all you have to do is move in.

See our great roster of show homes available in Whangarei.

The Excellent Quality of Homeworld Show Homes

It’s no surprise that Homeworld’s beautiful home builds stunning. Definitely, something to aspire for in terms of quality coastal or countryside-suburban living. With your biggest investment why settle?

Let’s face it – who wouldn’t want their home to be elegant, stylish, enduring, and best of all, great value. We understand you want a home that looks amazing now, and will still be incredible in 10, 20 or even 30 years time.

Where we build matters, which is why home and land packages (where you’ll find our show homes) are hand picked by the Homeworld team and are likely the best sections possible.

We carefully select and study each area within which to build a new community. We offer more than just a home, but an amazing neighbourhood that’s beautiful, sprawling and close to New Zealand nature.

The Best Show Homes in Whangarei

We have some pre-built show homes that are ready to become yours anytime! You’d be surprised how many clients often choose to purchase the actual Homeworld ‘model home’ they visit.

Explore our modern and stunning show homes in Whangarei:


tutukaka showhome


piha showhome


sandy showhome

Homeworld - It's the better way to build.

We know what most new home buyers are looking for. Even though our show homes are pre-built, minor modifications may be possible. We have different ways to suit your style and tastes, after all Homeworld is all about you.

Homeworld – It’s the better way to build.

Explore our show homes in Whangarei. Get in touch today and we would love to get your home design and build journey started today.


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