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The design-build practice can be straightforward, if you have the Homeworld team working for you. Everything is about mutual collaboration. Your home consultant becomes your go to point of contact. You will have the best construction professionals, engineers, and designers, coming together to work on your dream home. This process guarantees a high-quality home built in a timely manner.

When you go for a design-build approach you can expect faster delivery times and all key project milestones to be met on schedule. For 40 years, the Homeworld teams have collaborated with ease. This seamless working arrangement means the design and build process flows with ease and the highest standards met.

When you choose the Homeworld Design and Build process, what can you expect?

To begin with, as you don’t have to deal with different contractors and update each one on the progress of the other.

Everyone is on the same page starting with the planning right through to the properties completion.

Instead, there’s your Homeworld home consultant you can trust to oversee everything, and troubleshoot whatever complications arise during the build. They work in the clients best interests.

Why go for Homeworld for your Design-Build Project in Whangarei?

When you work with a reputable homebuilder such as Homeworld, this means you’ll deal directly with us and not multiple cross-specialists. One point of contact and one contract helps make the Homeworld difference.

Homeworld ensures everything moves forward, as we are accountable for every cost, building risk and schedule change. Working with us means you are protected under a Master Builder Guarantee for your peace of mind, and we take the necessary steps to ensure everything is taken care of.

Different contractors will naturally have different approaches and needs that might not align well with the approach that other professionals in your team might have. Often this can result in delays and increase your costs, making it pricier with no added benefit. Just endless headaches. But all that can be prevented if you choose Homeworld. We have long standing relationships with our contractors, and so can not only leverage buying power to your advantage but utilise our agreements with our suppliers to ensure work is not ‘bumped’ or unnecessary delays occur.

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We would love to hear from you, whether you are in the early stages of planning your home or in need of a design-build team to take the reins, we are ready and we can help jumpstart your build project. Contact us now at 0800 86 89 86 and let us know more in detail about the home of your dreams.


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