House Builders Whangarei: Why Work With A Design-Build Firm

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When you choose to build a home of your own, you want to make sure it’s beautiful, functional and one of a kind. When your goal is to make your home different from the other homes out there, it’s best to work with an experienced and professional design-build contractor.

When you work with a design-build firm, you work closely with a single firm to discuss everything you want and exactly how you want it. It’s a practical and more organized approach.

A custom design-build firm such as Homeworld can efficiently help you make the big decisions from the design and drafting of the house plans, sourcing raw materials and implementing the home’s construction phase. Everything you need is there, all under one roof.

There’s a reason why Homeworld continues to be the top design and build firm in Whangarei. If you ask around, people are quick to point you towards our direction. We are the go to house and home builders in Whangarei.

We are synonymous with the highest quality of craftsmanship. Our passion for well built homes and cutting-edge design is second to none.

You Dream it. We Build It.

Building a new home is the culmination of a dream. Your dream. We understand the level of hard work you had to put in to make it happen. So you have our utmost consideration and attention when it comes to starting your custom built home. We can give you the best advice before you even get started.


First, there are so many questions to consider:

  1. Where is the location of your home? What kind of area will your house be built in? Coastal, country, elevated terrain?
  2. What is the scale of your home? How big of a house do you have in mind?
  3. What features are you looking for in a home? Eco-friendly and energy-efficient? Has its own custom wine cellar? Large walk-in closets?
  4. What architectural style are you considering? Traditional, modern, rustic or a blend of styles?

To get an idea, why not visit one of our elegant show homes located within locations where we offer home and land packages. These are extraordinary and beautiful pre-built show homes in the areas of Tutukaka, Piha and Sandy Bay.

But if your heart is set on a custom-built home, there are many advantages to owning one. Most significantly, there are no limits to what you desired home can be.

First, there are so many questions to consider:

The real benefits of having Homeworld manage your homebuilding project are the levels of customisation that’s guaranteed.

You can specify sizes for each space and room, and more importantly, choose the materials you want. The colour palette, the interior traffic, the façade material, the ceiling height, the flooring and the lighting can all be suited to reflect your taste.

This kind of flexibility is good value for money and outweighs the overall cost of a custom-built home. To put it simply, as a homeowner your preferences are a priority and you get more of what you want.

The modern fittings and refining touches you choose will only increase the resale value of your house compared to a standard-built home that may showcase commonplace materials.

Credibility and experience are two of the significant factors when choosing a home builder here in Whangarei and Northland. Homeworld showcases the best home developments, lifestyle blocks and custom built homes. Homeworld will always deliver the results their clients deserve.

Building a new home can be at times a difficult process. But with a trusted design-build firm such as Homeworld, any issues with the build are resolved early on during the design and drafting process ensuring the construction phase goes on seamlessly as planned. For any unforeseen construction delays, custom design-build firms are used to troubleshooting and bridging together effective solutions. They will make the necessary adjustments to make sure the quality is maintained and timelines are met.

If you’re thinking about having your home custom built, work with Homeworld- the #1 design and build firm in Whangarei.

We have hundreds of satisfied clients all across Northland. We are the leader in design and build home construction in the Northland region for over 40 years.

Homeworld designs modern and beautiful homes in Whangarei. We build them to last.

Got questions on custom built homes? Give us a call! We’d love to hear from you.


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