House Designs – What Are Fixtures And Fittings?

When you purchase or rent a home, they often come with an inventory of fittings and fixtures.

A property can look its best when it has the right amount of elegant fittings and functional fixtures that appeal to savvy homeowners. When people skim through house designs, it’s one of the things that stand out the most.

Are the fixtures top-of-the-line? Or the latest high-tech ones integrated with consumer connected devices? Do the homey fixtures have that vintage allure?

You might hear a real estate agent use these terms fixtures and fittings interchangeably when you’re out viewing a home and its custom build home plans, but to be upfront the two are not the same.

Let’s define both, so we can avoid any confusion. First up are Fittings.

Fittings refer to the free-standing items in the interiors such as furniture and appliances, kitchenware, pictures, wall decors, and display mirrors. These are house items you can easily pull out from a property and replace them with a new one. You don’t need a specialist or a contractor to have them removed.

Fixtures, on the other hand, are more custom-made and integrated into a property’s home design. Interior spaces are measured to precision to include such fixtures. You’ll have to install them and set them up properly using specialised equipment and tools.

In terms of well-thought-out house designs, there are many common types of fixtures in a home, and usually, you’ll find the following fixtures: specialty lighting, recessed ceilings, wall mounts, installed appliances, kitchen units, trash compactors, carpet units, worktops and tabletops, doors, bathroom sanitary units, and wood accents. These even include residential systems such as the boiler, radiator, and heating system which are usually found in the basement or in an enclosure.

When a home goes for sale the fixtures are often included. It would just be impractical to pull them out as these fixtures were specifically created for the property plus the fact that they are securely bolted into the home makes it quite cumbersome to attempt a removal.

What are fixtures and fittings made of?

Fixtures and fittings are often made of the finest and sturdiest materials. Whenever a builder creates house designs for their custom build home plans, they intend to have fixtures that should last as long as the house, if possible. Most interior designers often source them from artisanal crafts and product designers. Some contractors have connection with trade groups who offer durable and safe fixtures.

Laws on Fixtures and Fittings

When you encounter legal issues over fixtures and fittings in New Zealand, these can fall under two categories- this can either be a compliance law and safety concern or under a real estate law issue which primarily deals with the property sale and acquisition of the home.

Basic home safety

There are safety concerns when one intends to buy or sell a property. Fire and Emergency New Zealand regularly advises home safety checks to make sure appliances, electrical components, fixtures, and fittings found in the home should be hazard-free and compliant. This reduces the likelihood of fires breaking out.

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Fixtures and Fittings

Fittings and fixtures are meant to beautify the home, and even cohesively bring out the best in any home interior design. They are the little touches that add flair and drama, as well as provide a level of convenience for the everyday activities of the homeowner. They make certain areas of the house accessible and easy-to-use, this is the case for kitchen cupboard fittings, closet, and bathroom fixtures, where storing kitchen wares, organizing home items or taking a bath becomes very efficient. Definitely, fittings and fixtures make home upkeep a cinch for home dwellers.

Building a new home with the right mix of fittings and features can be a challenge. But if you’re eager to build a new Northland home why not design and plan it with a guaranteed Licensed Building Practitioner and Master Builder like Homeworld.

Homeworld NZ has a diverse selection of custom build home plans for the house of your dreams. Find home designs that are elegant and sleek with an abundant amount of natural lighting, smart living features and inviting spaces. They can even provide you with the best fixtures and fittings available that meets your personal style.

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