How Much Does It Cost To Build A House In New Zealand?

Have you ever thought exactly how much a custom home would cost you here in New Zealand?

A custom home is on everybody’s wish list, (or should be!), everyone wants to own a unique home with special features.

In a Stuff NZ article, they mentioned statistics made by QV Costbuilder, the average home construction cost for a 150 sq m three house in NZ, or roughly your standard four-bedroom home costs $310,315 in the Auckland region while a similar home may go for $311,250 in Christchurch, and the build rates go lower in the areas of Dunedin at $282,190, Wellington at $285,940 and $289,690 in Waikato. Consider this insight into housing build prices a tiny dose of wisdom.

But there are many other factors that affect the cost of the home build:

number 1

Population demographics

NZ has less than five million people. How many people are skilled artisans and tradesmen? How many of those skilled construction professionals are close to your location or even available during the timeframe of your build?



New Zealand home construction has specific requirements, a more reinforced steel framework is used for concrete slabs, and this is due to seismic activity in the terrain.


Scale of the build

How big do you want your home to be? How many rooms do you need? Are there special features in the layout that would require specific craftsmen for the construction?


Style and type of the build

Choosing between an H-shape, L-shape, multi-story house? Homes no longer come in simple box layouts. When homeowners go the custom route, they often choose a style that’s appropriate to their location, the land, and their personal tastes.


Building code, tax, and compliance requirements

Council regulations cannot be avoided, although can be mitigated if you are looking for 30SQM of smaller homes.


Availability and sourcing of building materials

Often the home builder you work with has access to a network of affordable suppliers, and buying raw materials straight off the market or importing them from other countries on your own will definitely cost you more.

As your home building activity makes progress, so will your material and development costs. Also, any changes you make on your home build plans can easily push construction costs up and delay the time frame. You may end up paying a lot more than what was initially estimated if there many changes and unforeseen challenges along the way. It’s important you have a home builder that has your back and can keep the cost within the range of your target budget as much as possible.

In Whangarei, there’s Homeworld.

Homeworld is a reliable homebuilder that can give you sage advice whenever you make crucial decisions and how these choices can affect your construction costs.

Moreover, Homeworld has decades of homebuilding experience plus the local knowledge to ensure your custom home gets built on time and within your financial means. A licensed building practitioner such as Homeworld will work with you closely in implementing the design and construction needs of your home. Everything that is needed from council applications, permits, materials sourcing, and working with the right trades.

Looking to build a new home in Whangarei with custom made plans?

Wanting to know more about what your dream home will cost? Get in touch with Homeworld today at 0800 86 89 86 or simply message us through our contact form.

With Homeworld, our goal is to create an enduring and beautiful custom-built home that your family will love forever.


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