How To Begin Your Homebuilding Journey

Every home is built on a dream. People spend a great deal of their lives working hard to achieve this goal.

If you’re looking to own your very own house one day, but have a really specific style and design in mind, you can have your dream home custom-built in Whangarei by the experts Homeworld.

If a custom build home is not within reach, for financial reasons or time constraints, don’t worry that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead for your homebuilding journey. You might even find a home is more affordable than you believe.

Setting Your Sights On Homebuilding

Homebuilding is a long extensive process. As with any journey, you’ll want to do research ahead of time so you can plan key milestones on your trip and know how much it’ll cost you to have your dream home.

The first step of the homebuilding journey starts with the foundation:

Find Land

To start with, you’ll need land to build on, and this is one of the very early things you can do, scout for the ideal location. Look into current developments, home and land packages, emerging properties, and even trendy neighbourhoods. Or if you like a serene and quiet place to settle, you can choose a Lifestyle block, or even a piece of raw land off grid which you can develop and make suitable for a build.

Get Good Financing

After finding the land you want to build on, look into your financing options. There are many credible lenders and government housing grants to tap into. You can even look into getting a mortgage through alternative financing means. You may be surprised to find financing options that can jumpstart your homebuilding earlier than you expect. But like with any project involving a huge sum of money, set a clear and practical budget that’s aligned with your financing means. A realistic budget with room for a good contingency fund of 20%-30% will keep you from going under if prices suddenly skyrocket. Construction challenges can happen, and a decent contingency fund gives you ample wiggle room to mitigate sudden costs.

Find A Homebuilding Expert In Whangarei That You Can Trust

Creating a new home is more than just building a set of walls and floors, and putting a roof over it. The journey alone is so much more than that; it can be stressful and plagued with construction pitfalls if the homebuilding process is not done right the first time.

Choose an expert homebuilder that can help you design and build a high-quality home. A Design & Build service can make all the difference in maximizing the potential of your land.

Having an experienced and highly-skilled homebuilder means having someone clear the path for you and handle all the important details throughout the build from approvals to sourcing building materials and even hiring the best–skilled tradies to work on your build site.


Ready to embark on an exciting home building journey?

Consult with the local and experienced homebuilder in Whangarei: Homeworld. We have guided many homebuilding journeys to completion. We can advise you on the best ways to go about your construction, saving time and money in the process.

Get in touch us at Homeworld. Call us at 0800 86 89 86 or simply complete our contact form. You’ll be amazed at the outcome and beauty of your new home.


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