How To Choose The Right Builder For Your New Home And Build

Building a new home is a huge undertaking

Your needs and design choices should match with the aesthetics, build quality and experience points of your builder. So just how ready are you to build the home of your dreams? How do you choose the best local builder for your design-build project?

While some builders in Whangarei are masters of a specialized build, there are many builders which cater to specific styles, construction materials and price range. So it’s better to ask the following questions at your initial meet-up:

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Be Prepared

Before you get all excited about designing and selecting design pegs, it’s quite crucial to go through a research phase which includes: design, build history, workmanship and industry merit. This is the part where you do your homework, a great start would be working with a Registered Master Builder. In Whangarei, only the scope and skill of a Registered Master Builder can offer you that security and peace of mind with an assurance of a 10 Year Master Build Guarantee on your design build project. This can save you thousands in cost in terms of home repairs and more importantly, it protects your biggest investment

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Research takes Time

Cost research is one aspect you cannot overlook. This finding out how much it would cost to build a new home in your area. You can do cost comparisons and check the current factors affecting the prices of construction. Give it as much careful consideration and note which parts of the construction you are planning to pay out of pocket or which parts you are relying on a housing loan for. But with any design-build, you should also make room for possible additional costs that may come up. Knowing the numbers will help you prepare fully. In particular, how much you should spend in building your home while working with a trusted builder.

Why Choose Homeworld's Design-Build services in Whangarei?

Selecting the right builder for the job is never easy, but with our 40 years of design-build expertise and experience, you can trust Homeworld to responsibly manage the build of your dream home.

We will oversee all important areas of design and construction, so you don’t have to worry. What we want is for you to oversee the progress of the build and whether it is being built as planned, and to your liking.

At Homeworld, we consider every detail we have to work with, so you’ll understand what it takes to build your home on time and on budget. Moreover, we are a known registered Master Builder in Whangarei which means we carry the 10 year Master Build Services Guarantee.

Building a home in Whangarei? Get in touch with us! Let’s talk about your plans. Call Homeworld at 0800 86 89 86


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