How To Design A Home For Your Land, Block Or Section?

Alright, so you’ve found the perfect piece of land, a section truly meant for you. There are a lot of things you can get right when you design your own home. But the adage holds true, design it well and you’ll have the space you deserve.

Designing a home will always require the unique approach of experienced professionals. But overall, you need to step back and consider the complexity of your build project.

First, visit your section with your Homeworld home consultant. Whilst being part of the Homeworld team, they will quickly be able to assess topography constraints, outlooks and accessibility. Their aim is to make sure your section will have a high-quality home that’s built to last and will utilise your sections outlook to the most potential.

Building any home can be difficult and certainly demanding of your time, but when you have a the building expertise of Homeworld on board, they can steer the course for plain sailing and hassle-free building. Making sure you avoid any of the common pitfalls and costly mistakes. Furthermore, when building with Homeworld, the prices are set.

When you work with a Homeworld, they will go with you through the following steps:

number 1

They will help you build the kind of home that you want that truly represents your lifestyle choices. This will help you maximise your section space into a functional and ideal dream home.

number 2

A site visit should be in order. This is to assess the home’s orientation, slope and incline, soil type. Homewolrd can even push the boundary of home building, looking to use natural inclines within the house build. By knowing where the sun rises, you can plan out how light envelops your home throughout the day. Such touches can significantly lower your utility services cost and even impact your daily living activities. After all, a well,-planned home offers a beautiful living and positive environment.


Planning the layout and sourcing specific materials, and design styles you prefer.


Fixed price build quote.


How progress and deliverables will be presented to you at each key point of the build. They will keep you informed of milestones and development of your dream home.

As a premier builder in Whangarei, Homeworld can provide you with the best service to build your dream home on the section you have chosen. Homeworld offers a competitive range of modern and uniquely stylish homes that are not only affordable, but customizable to you – you’ll be sure to find the perfect home to suit your Whangarei section.

Homeworld will manage the design and development of the build from initial design idea, specialists sourcing, council paperwork, build permits and geo surveys. You will have no trouble throughout the build as we will handle the specifics of the construction.

Homeworld also has home and land package to fit your needs if you haven’t yet found your dream section. Our house and land packages in Whangarei are in the best locations, with Homeworld using their extensive networks to source the best land packages available for its clients.

Design your new Whangarei home with Homeworld. Get in touch with us at Homeworld about designing your section. Let us know what you need at 0800 86 89 86.


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