How to Work with a Whangarei Custom Home Builder – 5 Super Tips!

Building a Whangarei home is a monumental challenge and a big investment. Building a house is never easy, but the entire process can be less stressful if you work with the right homebuilder, especially in these challenging times of supply shortages.

Do you have a good idea on how to collaborate with a homebuilder in your Whangarei district? Our guide is especially useful if you’re a first time homeowner.

There are many things a Northland homebuilder can do for you. But before you start a build project with them, here’s some tips to ensure your working relationship with a homebuilder goes well:

number 1

Give your homebuilder adequate space and time to get things done.

After the initial meeting, your homebuilder will be busy ticking off boxes on your checklist. They want to meet your deadline, ensure the build goes smoothly and, and more importantly within cost.

Of course, as a homeowner, you may feel anxious during certain parts of the build. And that's okay. But calling your builder at odd hours (like 3 am and such) won't exactly move things forward. That said, know your homebuilder's business hours and set a schedule together to regularly talk about the build. This is to prevent concerns from exacerbating. You should be able to have regular scheduled catch ups as well as adhoc meetings as your build progresses. You can have your builder send you specific progress reports if this suits. Sometimes email or video conferencing also works. Especially during these unique times. In the end, it's all about time management from both ends.


A contract is as solid as your home's concrete foundation.

The written word helps you stay on the same page with your Master builder. This means to put everything you agree upon with your Whangarei homebuilder in writing. This will serve you and the homebuilder well and can help you avoid conflicts down the line. A detailed contract outlines your expectations, design preferences, and the anticipated cost of the build. Everything important should be listed down.


Realise when you need to make a final design decision.

The allure of Pinterest and endlessly scrolling for design inspirations is completely understandable. However, there comes a point that as a homeowner, you should step on the brakes on design wants and planning wish-lists. It would be best to take a breather, to finally choose and decide on what you want for your home, so construction can commence smoothly.

Adding and changing things around should be within the early stages, and not when your home is near completion. Not that this isn't impossible to do, but it will be quite costly for you to do major changes to the design when the cost estimate was tailored to a previous design. It's always best to consult with your homebuilder on how far you can go with changes, and how these changes may affect the overall look of your home and timeframe of the build.


Be Aware that Delays Do Happen.

Sometimes even the most well-planned home can experience sudden and untimely delays. So learn to expect the unexpected and yes, even roll with the punches. Life has a way of putting challenges along the way. For example, 2 years ago no one expected a pandemic to happen, but it did and for some homebuilders, a lot of projects were put on hold or delayed for some time. But still, as design and build specialists in New Zealand, Homeworld coped with these new parameters to ensure a successful build for their clents.

A Whangarei Masterbuilder will always welcome challenges and find solutions for them. Some delays are caused by councils and unforeseen events even out of a home builders scope – others can be through poor builder choices. Ensure you do your homework before signing up with ‘any of home builder’.


Respect is a two-way street.

Homebuilders are known to be quite resilient and incredibly patient professionals. They've built homes for a variety of people from all walks of life. They will always be tact and professional when interacting with people they work with - even difficult ones.

Now they would understand if you are stressed out on particular day because building a new home is no easy feat. They won't push you if you're not ready to have a meeting. That said, respect and civility should always be there between the two parties. Moreover, feel free to always ask questions about your home design build, communicate your concerns well and it is reasonable for you to expect your Whangarei homebuilder to listen.

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