Investing in a House and Land Package in Whangarei

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A house and land package enables potential homeowners to build their dream home without the high cost of custom home construction. When looking for the most bang for your buck with the money you have, home and land package (aka house and land packages) are ideal.

What is a Home and Land Package?

Home and land packages are homes built in prime locations and neighbourhoods.

You can take your pick based on size, block, and numerous design-build styles. The area is typically exclusive, highly sought after, and offers an excellent investment.

A big benefit of buying a house and land package is that it is a long-term investment. Many people are unaware that owning one might help you earn more money in the long term because you can rent it out. This gives you a unique advantage in the future, allowing you to charge lucrative rental prices for your rental property. Plus, for individuals wishing to establish or relocate to Whangarei, a home and land package is a convenient alternative, giving you everything new and tailored to your needs.

With the land being combined with the home purchase, geological surveys have been done, leaving you one less thing to worry about.

Homeworld, as a top Whangarei building company and developer, are able to offer making new build affordable and possible; as well as the ability to customise the house design package to meet your needs. 

Why Go for a House and Land Package?

There’s many reasons why Whangarei house and land packages are ideal, and in great locations very much in demand. Here are some top reasons why you should consider a house and land packages, according to Homeworld:

Easy and Smooth Purchase

House and land packages offer a straightforward approach to owning property. Everything you'll need to make your ideal house a reality is right here, organised and accessible. The developer essentially handles everything, and you won't be stuck in a rut discussing conditions on the land purchase or arguing over the ever increasing value of land. Homeworld will take care of all the details of your house and land package. And this saves you time and money.

Have an Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly Home

Today's lifestyle properties are tighly integrated with energy conservation and a low carbon impact - naturally through design and building standards. House and land packages are frequently much more energy efficient than existing older homes, saving you money on utility payments. Overall, you'll also have few maintenance costs, if not none, plus your home is protected by the master builder's warranty if something goes wrong. For all homeowners, long-term expenses and sustainability are critical considerations.

Check out our Current House and Land Packages

If you want to save money now and in the future while still owning a modern, well-built home in one of Whangarei’s greatest areas, a Homeworld house and land package is a great option. Homeworld offers some of the best and most affordable house and land packages in Northland. 

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