Investing In A Property For Your Retirement

Investing in a Property for Your Retirement

Focus will be downsizing, smaller units that are accessible, land and property sets that include shared facilities.

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You have worked all your life to ensure a better future for you and your family. Now that you have achieved your goals, it’s about time that you reap your rewards. There’s nothing more rewarding than investing in a property of your own where you can start slowing down and make time for your other pursuits. If you are planning on investing in a property for your retirement, it is best to partner with Homeworld, trusted home builders in NZ.

Homeworld is the trusted, reputable home building company here in Whangarei with 40 years of experience in the home design and build industry. We build anywhere in Northland, may it be an urban, farmland, or coastal setting. Whichever lifestyle is your preference, we will gladly help design and construct your new home. We have an array of magnificent home designs that you can choose from. We can also customise our existing designs to suit your unique needs and distinct taste. Furthermore we have Home and Land packages where we offer home plans based on size, block, location, and design-build style. If you are looking to move in (almost) immediately, we have showhomes that you might want to consider. Our showhomes are available for sale – complete with high-quality appliances, bathroom fixtures and furnishings. We construct our showhomes regularly to keep them updated with the latest materials in home design.

Finding a Suitable Home Design

The advantage of being financially independent early on in life is that you can retire at any age you like. As you have already worked hard at the peak of your career and/or business to have substantial savings and worthwhile investments, it is only fitting that you find the place that will let you enjoy the fruits of your labour. When you decide to partner with Homeworld, arguably the premier home builder in Whangarei, we will help you find the best home design, that is best for you. We will guide you as you make your next large investment – a beautiful home for you to enjoy in your golden years.

As the goal is for you to live in a lovely home while making time for your almost-forgotten hobbies, the best home design and build you should go for is one that is just the right size and requires minimal maintenance. You should also consider integrating a flush threshold door design for your home as having this feature will make ingress and egress more convenient, especially for those who are using wheelchairs or walking aids. Worry not about rainwater getting into your home as flush threshold doors are weatherproof. As a seasoned home builder in Whangarei, we can build homes that have kitchen and bathrooms that are customised to be wheelchair-friendly, which gives a sense of greater independence and convenience to its homeowners.

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Your Home by Homeworld

Let us help you shape your plans for your retirement by investing in a property that is truly yours. Whether you are looking to downsize, live in proximity to key services, or finally get to live your dream of having farmland or a coastal lifestyle, we will be glad to guide you every step of the way.

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with us at your convenience so we can get started working on your dream home.

The Best House Builder in Whangarei

At Homeworld, we know how challenging building a custom home can be. If you are having problems or doubts about building your custom home, then we are just here to help you with that. From the design process to the subcontractors, to the budget, and the materials needed to build your home, we will be there for you. Call us at Homeworld any day at 0800 86 89 86

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