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What makes a licensed building practitioner?

Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs), are building professionals who have undergone rigorous assessments regarding their competency to carry out building works essential to the structure or weather-tightness of residential buildings. The LBP scheme is mandated under the Building Act for better building design and construction.

Licensed Building Practitioners are adept in building construction and include roofers, builders, and designers. All of whom are independently evaluated as competent within their line of work. They are deemed experienced in industry changes such as new products, building code changes as well as having an increased customer awareness and understanding of expectations.

How do businesses and individuals become Licenced Building Practitioners?

An independent body undertakes an assessment to prove individuals competence and knowledge. The evaluation includes contacting referees to confirm that applicants possess contemporary technical skills.

Limiting the focus on the integrity of your home indicates that your building work might be restricted. Such a type of work targets the soundness and weather-tightness of structural properties.

Often, restricted building works are observed in tasks that require a building consent. Nevertheless, it is not in all cases. Listed below are some of the examples of building work that require a building consent but don’t necessarily contain Restricted Building Work:

That said, you can only carry out or design a Restricted Building Work if you use a licensed building practitioner (LBP). By law, an LBP must oversee the work. A quick check will help you determine if someone is licensed or not. All LBPs are listed on a public online register, along with their license class details.

LBPs had gone through an assessment before they were licensed, but in cases where they need renewal licenses on their trades, keeping their knowledge up-to-date is crucial. This applies to designers, carpenters or builders, roofers, brick and block layers, external plasterers, and site foundation specialists. Pretty much all elements of building should have a Licensed Building Practitioner certificate.

Selection of a Certified Builder and Licensed Building Practitioner is pivotal to guarantee any work done on your new build will be carried out to the highest standards. Having an LBP managing your building project will prevent costly mistakes and delays down the pipeline.

Restricted Building Work regulations may be stringent, but this can ensure that the overall build of your property is robust, weathertight and durable. And that’s how any custom built home in Whangarei should be- made for quality, and built to last.

Looking for a Licensed Building Practitioner in Whangarei?

It is critical that you find the right Licensed Building Practitioners to supervise your restricted building work.

Consult with the Homeworld team – Our resident designers and builders are LBP members who are competent and skilled and crucially able to oversee building work that is essential to the structural integrity and weather-tightness of residential buildings.

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