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Lifestyle blocks show the true potential in owning acreage. These large and rural properties usually require thorough attention to detail, meticulous design, and a lot of thought and heart put into each space.

Lifestyle blocks come in all shapes and sizes. So how can you efficiently partition your property and build a structure that’s both productive and functional?

There’s a lot that goes into having a lifestyle block, and surely you want to maximise your sections views, profile and layout? At Homeworld, we can help design and build your dream property, that truly suits your lifestyle.

Our portfolio includes various homes with unique architectural designs from modern to urban, brick-build and coastal styles. We also offer options to knock down and rebuild, each block personalised to suit your individual needs.

All our homes are designed to fit your block and budget perfectly. We’re all about maximising space and enhancing your lifestyle blocks best features. We can design from scratch or use an existing or pre-designed plan of your choice. We believe in smartly designed homes that fits the location, working with yo to build a unique home.

If you are looking for a Design & Build service that makes a difference – Homeworld is here for you!

Your lifestyle block may present many challenges, but we’re here to provide the best solution. Here are some great reasons why you get in touch with us!

We always keep in mind our client’s budget. We make sure that our projects are not only finished on time, but maintained within the proposed budget agreed upon. With Homeworld we offer fixed quotes so we will deliver to that budget 100% guaranteed. We will always present you with practical options. We want you to have your ideal lifestyle block without having to empty your pockets.

We always think outside the box. A lifestyle block may come in any size or shape, and often it’s not a straightforward rectangular space, and planning out the design for oddly shaped blocks requires a lot of creativity from our end. We strive to free you from design restrictions and open up possibilities for the space you own.

We strive to achieve the design that’s perfect for you as well as meet the required plans for the lifestyle block.

We work with an experienced team of in house architects and local contractors with a good eye for detail who share our passion for delivering unique, beautiful lifestyle block homes.

Whether your living on rural land or a pre-developed area, we want every square metre of your living space utilised to full functionality and capacity. Your quality of living depends on it.

When designing lifestyle blocks we cover a range of design prerequisites such as adequate natural light, proper air ventilation, garaging, open plan layout, storage, connectivity and privacy when working with intelligently spaced blocks, and in terms of expertise, this is where Homeworld comes in.

Curious how we can transform and improve the livability of your lifestyle block? Get in touch with us and let’s talk over coffee about your vision for your home.


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