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Do not let COVID-19 stop you from pursuing your dream of owning a home. At Homeworld, Whangarei and Northland’s home design and build company, we are here to help you conceptualise your dream home whilst we all stay safely social distanced (or indeed in the confort of our homes).

As of this time, Auckland is on Alert Level 4 where mobility is restricted for essential personal movement and other permitted reasons. The rest of New Zealand is on Alert Level 2, which has no physical restrictions – but lets face it. If you aren’t already in Northland, getting through Auckland to visit us is a pain.

Businesses are open, services are available, and people can go to work. But, as COVID is still here, we must all take the necessary precautions such as wearing a face-covering, keeping safe distances, and scanning. The pandemic has changed the way we all do things. Though it has slowed us down, we will not let it stop us from achieving the goals of our clients. As NZ builders for over 40 years, Homeworld has hurdled different challenges through the years. We’re more capable and very willing to help you out with designing and building the home that you long to live in.

Visit Us here in Whangarei

Prior to the pandemic, we would bring our visitors to our Display Village at 401 Western Hills Drive to give them a tour of our showhomes. Our showhomes exhibit the exquisite handiwork and top-quality materials we use in all of our home design and build projects in Northland. Our showhomes allow would-be clients to examine up close the materials that we use in all of our projects, our carefully curated brands, and most of all, the proof of our meticulous work in every room and corner. All of our showhomes are highly maintained. We construct our showhomes regularly showcasing the latest in design, technology, and brands. All of the showhomes that we build are also available for sale.

Our most recent showhome is The Cove. It has a total area of 117.06m2 and has 3 bedrooms and 2 spacious bathrooms that includes an en-suite. It has a laundry area as well. The Cove is a modern home that is suitable for all locations. It has an open flow design that allows for convenience in movement throughout the house and its outside living space. High-quality appliances, bathroom fixtures, and floor coverings are utilised for this showhome. You may see the specifications and a few of its photos on this page.

Virtual Tours – and Home Viewing

If you cannot get to us, allow us to bring it to you! For a more detailed view, you may schedule a virtual tour of our showhome. Our team is available for any contactless support and we can get in touch with you via phone, email, or online meeting. To make the most out of your virtual tour, we suggest that you do the following:

  1. Make a list of your queries and email them to us prior to our online meeting. In this way, we can prepare any other resources that you may be needing from us during the virtual tour.
  2. During the virtual tour, you may ask our representative about any aspect of our home design and build — materials used, style, colour scheme, anything that you want to know more about.
  3. Should you wish to purchase The Cove showhome, but would like to ask for clarifications and accompanying processes and documentation, please feel free to let our representative in charge of the tour know about it.
  4. If you fancy the showhome presented to you but would like to know if we can customise some parts of it according to your preferences, let us know so we can tell you what is possible.
  5. Should there be any concerns or ideas that pop into your mind after the showhome virtual tour, please notify us, and we would be delighted to support.

We hope that our showhome virtual tour can help you come up with a decision for your own home. Want to explore the collection of our home design and build in Whangarei? Visit our Home Designs page. Feel free to give us a call too so we can give you more details about them.


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