Master Builders – What Is It, Does It Matter, Should I Care?

The Master Builders are Licensed Building Practitioners that can offer you the Master Build Guarantee.

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Such a guarantee will offer you 10 years of protection against any structural defects or damages and additional benefits like the Loss of Deposit Insurance. The company ensures adherence to building codes and licensed building practitioner requirements.

Master builders only use top of the line materials and products that come from trusted suppliers. It is not difficult to trust in the quality, durability, and performance of such materials. A highly professional master builder won’t risk your safety and security by using substandard quality materials and unprofessional building practices. These builders must have public liability insurance to ensure their clients’ protection.

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It Matters to Hire a Master Builder

When you hire a master home builder, you will have a say on the size, shape, features, and overall look and feel of your home. The house will be built specifically based on your preferences. You can decide the colour of the walls and whether the floors would be made of wood or cement, even up to the carpeting, kitchen accessories, and the bathroom’s shower style, plus other details.

With a master home builder, you get the home you paid for. When you buy a pre-existing home, you may not like some of its features; but have to live with them. If you don’t seem to get the satisfaction, the last resort would be renovation or remodeling. That will only cost you more. Through a master home builder, your home can be constructed according to your needs.

You are protected by the law as well when you hire these master builders. Housing inspections can cost hundreds and these may lead to problems that you may not be aware of, and resolving these can add even more to your expenses.

Most master builders adhere to eco-friendly techniques. If you want to go green, you can make sure that your house will be energy-sufficient, sustainable, and cost-efficient, and using only renewable materials and supplies by hiring a master home builder.

Master builders are experts in their craft. Simplify the process by hiring a master home builder. They have the technical knowledge and sufficient experience to handle the various aspects of your home project.

You Must Care

You certainly have to care because when you hire a master builder, you will certainly be protected if ever things go awry. All members of Master Builders are bound to the Codes of Conduct upheld by the association. If issues regarding the quality of work arise, you can write a formal complaint to the Master Builders Association. The association will conduct an investigation and take appropriate action against the builder as well as ensuring a remedy for yourself.

Remember too that master builders are upheld to the highest professional standards within the industry. For them to sustain their membership in the organisation, they have to comply with strict building codes and guidelines and retain a professional code of ethics.


HomeWorld is a proud master builder here in the Whangarei, Northland region. If you need a home that is more from the outset, HomeWorld will turn any dream home ideas you have into reality with its seasoned expertise and exemplary service.


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