New Build Homes And Why It’s Better

A new-build house is an investment. Its an investment in having a home that’s possible to be fully customized and designed based on the preferences of the owner. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a brand new home in New Zealand tailored to their lifestyle?

With new-builds the choice is entirely dependent on your budget and your target location, but compared to standard home packages, a new build gives you more flexibility to tailor the home to your exact needs. Whether you’re upgrading to a larger home to accommodate your growing family or simply moving into an ideal neighbourhood that’s close to your active outdoor lifestyle, a home built from the ground up definitely comes with huge and surprising rewards.

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Starting life fresh in a new-build home is a dream for many, and there’s a trusted home builder in Whangarei that can make that dream come true for you- Homeworld is a reliable and knowledgeable home builder to consider whether for your first new property in Whangarei, your second or your tenth.

But, first, why is a new build any better than a pre-built or even a newly renovated, fairly old home?

There’s one simple answer: you’re the first owner. The first one to step in and make your mark in the home. With new builds, it’s all about how you envision the home from the planning and design stage to construction to the final interior finish. You won’t be moving into a blank slate, but into a new home that’s pretty much exactly how you planned and want it.

Now consider the thought of opting for a home that’s already been in the market for several years. That home has already been lived in by someone else and may come with a number of repairs or wear-and-tear issues. There’s also some social history to consider. A home with a previous number of owners may be known in the neighbourhood for certain activities or even notorious events that may have happened in the home. You may give the home a new paint job, but there’s no running away from its known history.

Plus buying a new home is a huge money saver- you won’t likely spend money on home repairs for the first few years. Better yet, new homes have buyer protection like with Homeworld, their new build homes come with a Master Builder guarantee, so you don’t pay for any structural defects or settling damages that occur the first ten years out of your own pocket. Now that’s a great deal!

With a new build, there are fewer worries on safety. You can expect a new build to be safe and up to code. As a homeowner, you won’t having to call an electrician or plumber out at ungodly times of the night. A new well-built home is aligned with fire safety regulations and NZ Healthy Home Standards.

There are many modern features that can be integrated into the build of a new home. Today’s home’s are primarily energy efficient and eco-friendly. Where most household appliances, lighting fixtures, temp control, home entertainment systems, smart devices, security systems and fire alarms can be interconnected. This makes home living more practical and you save a lot on energy bills in the long-term.

Want a new house that you can love forever?

Homeworld can make a high-quality build happen. Call us at Homeworld 0800 86 89 86 and let’s talk about the details of your dream home.


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