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Building your dream home from the ground up is the ultimate labour of love. Take away the stresses that come with going over budget, unexpected delays and dealing with multiple contractors, by using the team at Homeworld.

A brand-new home, design and built by Homeworld, is a long-term commitment, so it would be to your advantage to build the house to your comfort and specifications. And in that respect, a trusted and reputable builder in Whangarei can help you in that journey. And there’s no other builder more qualified than Homeworld.

A great builder can bring your design ideas to life. They can seamlessly blend the dynamics of your family with the space and style you’ve chosen. Now that’s a dream come true!

New Homes are Always a Great Option

New construction properties have their own appeal. For one, you are guaranteed to have a unique home bespoke to your tastes. Unlike homes were the layout is already fixed and only allows for minimal room for upgrades going for a fully customizable home has its own rewards.

Moreover, a newly built home in Whangarei can appreciate faster than a resale home. Plus with the latest technology and building materials, you can expect your new home to be energy efficient and structurally sound.

When you work with a reputable builder like Homeworld NZ, you can expect your home to have an impressive high-quality design and excellent build quality. After all, they (Homeworld) are responsible for most of Whangarei’s beautiful residential spaces. Better yet, Homeworld will work closely with you on the details and planning of your home, to ensure it is bespoke and suited to your own individual living requirements.

Understandably, you need to make a lot of decisions when building a new home, starting from the windows to the flooring to the exterior facade and other structural additions. There’s so much to consider from adjustments and upgrades which affect the overall cost of the home. However once the finer details have been confirmed – Homeworld are able to confirm a fixed price for your next home, that includes the design and build, as well as the fixtures and fittings.

With Homeworld Design and Build by your side, your home construction experience will surely be a positive one.

Homeworld Design and Build, are one of Northland’s most prominent builders with over four solid decades of building exquisite home across Whangarei and Northland. The great thing about Homeworld is that their new builds come with over 10 years of protection against structural and material defects, plus the additional benefits of construction issues such as Loss of Deposit insurance. More importantly, Homeworld is dedicated to providing quality and value for money when it comes to the homes it builds for its satisfied customers.

Think it’s about time to get that dream home beyond the planning stages?

Consult today with Homeworld, building a new home doesn’t have to be difficult. It should be one of the most rewarding experiences for any future homeowner.

Let’s talk about your dream home. Call Homeworld at  0800 86 89 86


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