Piha Home Design: Perfect for Downsizing

Moving to a smaller space is refreshing and liberating. Downsizing involves recalibrating your priorities and focusing on the ones that truly matter. If you are planning to downsize your home, Homeworld’s Piha home design is perfect for you.

Homeworld, a leader in home design and build based in Whangarei, has 40 years of experience building homes of all sizes, even in challenging locations. We have a collection of stellar home designs that you can choose from. One of them is the Piha home design, perfect for people planning to scale it down – and we help them do it in style.

What's in a Piha?

The Piha home design is compact and modern. It has two bedrooms; a spacious bathroom which includes a laundry area; and an open kitchen, dining, and living area. This 69m2 home is ideal for families with younger children, the elderly, and empty nesters.
The open plan design of Piha makes it convenient and comfortable for homeowners with unique needs such as:

With the open plan living area, it would be easier for parents to check on their kids while doing other things in the kitchen or the dining area.

It will be more convenient for them to move around the house since no walls are separating the kitchen, dining, and living areas.

Aside from comfort of mobility, the elderly will find it relatively easier to maintain the Piha home due to its size and design.

The Piha home design allows plenty of sunlight and airflow into it. The compact design of the Piha makes its dwellers warm and cosy. For that traditional appeal, clients may choose to have a gable for their roof. Alternatively, they may opt for a mono-pitch roof for an updated and modern style. Adding to its charm, the Piha home is also transportable. If you have a penchant for frequently relocating, around the country the Piha home design would be suitable for your lifestyle.

Made by Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners

As long-time Northland home builders, we have a team of Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners that are dedicated to designing and constructing visually appealing and weather-proof homes.

As long-standing affiliates of the Master Builders Association of New Zealand, we offer the 10-Year Master Build Guarantee for every house that we build. The Master Build Guarantee serves as protection against material and structural defects. This guarantee provides peace of mind for homeowners and lets them live comfortably and securely in their built-to-last homes.

Our Licensed Building Practitioners follow strict building codes and best practices to ensure that we build best-in-class homes for all our clients. We take pride in all of our projects and we always aim to deliver high quality craftsmanship.

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Let us partner with you in downsizing your home. Get in touch with us soon so we can plan your next home design and build in NZ. Let us know how you envision your home to be, and we will take care of the rest for you.


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