Planning For Your Master Bathroom

Our days begin and end with a trip to the bathroom. From childhood, bath time is more than just washing up. It serves as our form of relaxation and a ritual to end our day, especially if it happens to be a tiring and eventful one. With that, it is imperative that you take time in planning for and designing your master bathroom – your must-have elements and the overall look that you are aiming for.

At Homeworld, we make sure that every part of your house is well planned and executed. Our talented in-house designers would be happy to talk to you about your home design ideas for your master bathroom layout. Let’s begin with the bathtub.

Drop-in or Back to Wall?

We get pamper ourselves in the bath each day. No matter its size and the number of times you will use it, it is essential that you carefully plan your bathtub so that it fits you your lifestyle needs.

In bathroom planning for your new home, you need to consider comfort, safety, and maintenance. As seasoned home designers and builders in Whangarei, we have the expertise to craft the bath that is best for you – with comfort and style.

Here are your bath options for your new master bathroom:

Drop-in Baths

Drop-in baths are commonly used for most bathrooms. It requires a frame to ensure water tightness. This type of bath provides lumbar support and contoured armrests so you can get maximum comfort and total relaxation as you spend your much deserved Me Time. With its built-in, fully enclosed upstands, drop-in baths minimise the water mess on the bathroom floor. This feature reduces the likelihood of slips and falls.

Back-to-wall baths

Back-to-wall baths are very modern and resemble freestanding baths. As its name implies, back-to-wall baths are positioned against the wall and floor of the bathroom without the need for a frame. Its nearly vertical structure provides a large internal space. This is also perfect for those who would like to have a shower-over-bath setup. Upstands may be added upon request for your bath’s water tightness. After baths, let’s move on to showers.


Showers are must-haves for all bathrooms. Bathtubs are a luxurious addition but when it comes to space constraints, showers become a priority and usually, the only option. As long-time home builders in NZ who love a good challenge, we make every space stylish and highly functional. Your shower options include sets with pivot door, sliding door, adjustable door set, shower for tiled walls, and walk-in shower screens.

Vanities and Basins

Vanities are necessary for storing bath essentials such as towels and toiletries. Basins of course are needed for handwashing and oral care. When it comes to these two, you may go big with more vanity drawers and even double basins, but you can also utilise smaller space with ingress storage cupboards and face level storage.

The Homeworld Difference

With over 40 years of experience in home design and build across Whangarei and Northland, we have cultivated strong working relationships with trusted and top-quality supply partners. To give your master bathroom that exquisite touch, we are proud to partner with a Kiwi-owned and operated companies that utilise locally sourced.


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