Remote Construction Check-In During Lockdown

Checking in during construction is very important. We know from conversations with clients, it gives a sense of fulfillment each time, they learn that parts of their home are coming together — they get to see their dreams become a reality and move closer to moving into their new home.

Around the world, COVID-19 has put many plans to a halt whilst others were sadly scrapped altogether. Being in the business of home design and build in Northland for over 40 years, the Homeworld team of experts have experience in taking on various difficulties and succeeded against them. Amid the pandemic, we continue to design and build homes for our clients using precautionary measures to keep our team on the ground safe. The pandemic hasn’t stopped us from fulfilling our commitments to our clients. We have happily handed over countless home design and build projects to clients despite the pandemic. We share the joy with our new homeowners as we give them the key to their stylish and cosy abode.

Before we all got into that, we all went into the rigorous processes of designing, planning, and of course, construction. If you are currently residing in an area that is in Alert Level 4 or, Northland reverts to Alert Level 3, or for some reason, cannot go to your new home’s construction site for an actual visit, here are suggestions on how to perform a remote construction check-in during the lockdown.

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Coordinate with your designated home sales consultant and express your desire to monitor the building process remotely.

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Agree on the method of reporting. You and your construction manager must decide on the mode that is best for both of you. Do you prefer video calls to have a glimpse of the stages of the build? Would an email with recent photos of the build be your preference?


Decide on the frequency of monitoring. Keep in mind that check-ins are best kept short so as not to take too much time away from the construction process.

Our desire here at Homeworld is to ensure that you get to plan dream and feel totally involved in your new home.

The Construction Process

To effectively check in on your ongoing construction remotely, here’s a guide to our construction process:

  1. Site visit and marking out the foundations.
  2. Excavations commence.
  3. Foundations are laid.
  4. Framing begins.
  5. The roof is installed.
  6. Closing in the exterior walls.
  7. Completion of lining and interior finishing.
  8. Finishing touches on kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, carpets, and cabinetry are completed.
  9. The site works completed — drainage, concrete, and landscape.
  10. Final check and handover.

Knowing the stages of the build gives you an idea of what transpires during a home design and build. It also gives you a rough estimate of how long it would take for your home to be ready to be lived in. We hope that our tips on how to effectively check in the construction process during the lockdown will lessen your worries. For any concerns about your home design and build, please feel free to reach out to us.


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